Chapter 99: Modest and Low
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 99: Modest and Low

Since their superior said so, then they should really be fine.

Lin Jie heaved a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear."

As if!

Claude was well aware that these three were in deep trouble. There was no way they could still retain a normal mental state after recuperating for a few months or even for the rest of their lives.     

Just from their outward appearance, the two police officers he had knocked out would forever have a deep-rooted fear as well as a majority of their desires stripped away.

The other officer, Sander Lyon of the Lyon family, seemed to be in slightly better condition, but Claude wasn't sure exactly which part of him had been stolen away.

And this included Claude's timely interruption. Had Claude been any later, there would have been three mindless zombies lying on the ground.

This especially beautiful-looking rose on the countertop was an extraordinary plant species once cultivated in the ancient elf kingdom. It was known as 'Seed of Desire'.

It didn't have a fixed appearance and could take on the shape of any sort of plant based on the desires of its planter.

But it was inherently an extremely invasive organism that fed on desires. As it had intelligence close to the level of a small dog, it was also occasionally kept as a pet.

These plants could become stronger by the desires they absorbed. Furthermore, the grades of 'Seed of Desire' were also dependent on their lineage and nurturing.

This particular plant before him was of a very high grade.

Claude himself didn't know this ancient plant’s species. Other scholars had research expertise in this area, but very few people knew about this ancient species.

This was important information that Joseph had specifically briefed Claude about.

To prevent him from accidentally offending the bookstore owner or getting hurt by some things within the bookstore, the former Great Radiant Knight Joseph had spent a great effort in instructing him.

In actuality, Claude didn't become a victim, but he had now become an eyewitness.

His heart sank with a thud when he he

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