Chapter 100: It
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Lin Jie's eyes lit up.

Resources related to lost languages of Azir!

Previously when Joseph had given him that heirloom sword, Lin Jie was intrigued by the inscriptions on the blade and had casually mentioned it.

Following that, Joseph suggested helping search for some resources, yet Lin Jie hadn't expected a result that quickly.

Joseph is reliable indeed!

Lin Jie reached over for the stack of notes and did a quick flip through. He immediately understood why Claude had said that 'the research progress was slow.'

The thick stack was largely records and stone rubbings of some original text. Only a few thin papers at the back were the research results of later generations.Moreover, this research didn't follow any set rules.

It felt as though a bunch of different people had researched separate portions and mashed them up together.

No matter how Lin Jie looked at it, the research was merely a bunch of 'guesses' and 'conjectures.' The actual translated portions were few and far between.

During this quick scan-through, Lin Jie ascertained one thing— the majority of these archivers and translators that very likely the people who had unearthed these historical remnants weren't professional academics.

It didn't mean to say that there were no academics amongst those that had unearthed these remnants, just that the documents were disorderly. It seemed as if these people had casually written down their thoughts after receiving the stone rubbings before setting them aside and not doing any follow-ups.

If it were later generation academics that wrote down all these, Lin Jie was certain that they wouldn't have let these studies come to an end so abruptly, unless they encountered special circumstances.

Otherwise, the only other way to describe this was bad professionalism.

But excluding all these scrap research notes, what remained was approximately 12 pages of stone rubbings. This was an unexpectedly abundant quantity and Lin Jie felt gratified.

Lin Jie tidied up the documents and placed them on the table before smiling at Claude.

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