Chapter 9: Hunters Never Turn Back
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 9: Hunters Never Turn Back

“Haa… Haa…”

Taking deep breaths, Joseph staggered as he held the wall for support and finally pulled himself together thanks to the chilling wind and rain hitting him.

Pathways in the surrounding areas were already flooded and there was nobody else around. Continuous storm warnings had already resulted in a tenth of Norzin city’s ordinary folks evacuating to safe areas.

23rd Avenue would have probably become an empty street and this was in part due to Secret Rite Tower’s covert operations and direction.

All because these foolish hunters had brought a Magic Ovum Mirror into Norzin City. Now they had an internal conflict, the Magic Ovum Mirror was lost and this made Norzin citizens uneasy.

Perhaps in the near future, an unknown dream beast might burst out from a fracture of the Dream Realm, bringing along blood and fire.

The throbbing pain in Joseph’s head gradually subsided and the whispers in his ears ceased. Joseph stared at his hands and grimaced.

Besides losing his arm and the many internal injuries he suffered, there was a more important reason for Joseph’s retirement from the Radiant Knights.

He had been the wielder of the demon sword, Candela. Due to its first owner’s lunacy and death, this strange ancient sword had a curse to turn people insane. Only a strong, upright knight with perfect spirit and will could master this curse.

In the past, Joseph had been such a powerful knight. But now, riddled with age and a handicap, he had since lost that right.

With the next successor of Candela yet to be found, Joseph could only continue to suffer the backlash of this demon sword.

In the late of night, Joseph would always see huge shadows floating about within the city and hear Candela’s crazed muttering. These visions had intensified recently, leaving Joseph greatly tortured.


Before a towering, abandoned church stood Ji Zhixiu, cane in hand. Her black windbreaker flapped furiously in the wind as she gazed at the rising flames through the church’s round glass windows.

Anguished cries and screams came from within as

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