Chapter 10: You Failed?
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 10: You Failed?

"Yet another lackluster day of business," sighed Lin Jie as he poured himself a cup of tea before starting to read.

Days without any business was just but a common occurrence in Lin Jie's daily life. Three days had gone by since the day Old Wil and the affluent young miss came by. There hadn't been any customers during this period.

It was easy to lose track of time with the unceasing rainstorm outside. Only a handful of people came out to buy reserve foodstuffs in this gloomy weather that shrouded the entire city.

The pitter patter of rain and gushing water were the only sounds in the quiet streets. Water level in the roads had already risen to about ten centimeters high but fortunately, 23rd Avenue was situated on slightly higher ground.

According to the news, residents of more than thirty streets in Norzin had already been temporarily evacuated to other districts. Such abnormal weather had only happened a handful of times in the history of Norzin.

However, for Lin Jie, life went on as per normal, the only difference was needing to put on a jacket because of the colder weather.

He didn't need to worry about food because he had three months of reserves. A reserve generator meant that Lin Jie didn't have to concern himself with power.

Moreover, boredom wasn't an issue here.

This was a depository with all the books in the world. Lin Jie wouldn't be able to finish reading them all even if he possessed a quantum reading speed, much less now where he studied the books meticulously and made notes.

While Lin Jie wasn’t born with a compulsive reading disorder, hoarding books had more or less caused him to develop this habit over the years. Such a life was simply heavenly for a severe homebody like Lin Jie… just that he didn’t have much money.

“Ah, but it’s all thanks to that little dark-skinned lady that I’m able to lead such a meagre yet fulfilling life right now. If not for her support of the bookstore and assistance in helping me get an operation license and temporary residence permit, I really have no idea where I woul

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Sorry Lin Jie for I have sinned~

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