Chapter 11: Love Is A Battlefield
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 11: Love Is A Battlefield

“You failed?"

The bookstore owner said with seemingly reproach, as he sat up straight and gazed at Ji Zhixiu.

Ji Zhixiu took a deep breath and nodded, muttering with anger and disappointment. "Yes, I failed...He escaped, with his current whereabouts unknown. I've already sent people to search for him but they haven't found any clues yet."

This situation seems kinda serious, Lin Jie frowned as he thought to himself.

He had specifically done an online search on Ji Bonong and his Rolle Resource Development Company over the past few days. Lin Jie had heard of the company prior to this and knew that it was a large company that monopolized Norzin's lower district resource development sector and had many subsidiary brands including jewelry, cosmetics and foodstuff under its banner.

After researching, Lin Jie found out that this company appeared to have some tight relations with Norzin's administration. The company didn't just monopolize the lower district's resources, it had the only rights to recruitment of people in the lower district.

Besides this company, coming into contact with lower district personnel was strictly prohibited for others. The greatest punishment for offenders was life imprisonment and even their family would be banished to becoming followers of the Church of Pestilence.

The uniqueness of Rolle Resource Development Company could be seen from all this information. And Bonong's only daughter, Ji Zhixiu, was undoubtedly a high-born and aloof young lady.

Such a lady with a grand background and numerous suitors had actually been cheated this badly by a scumbag. Furthermore, she didn't seem like a weak person herself. Thus, Lin Jie determined that the man must have been in quite a high position himself. There might also have been criminal accomplices involved which resulted in Ji Zhixiu unable to find him and enact her revenge.

Indeed, there’s definitely something criminal involved!

In Lin Jie's opinion, such a scumbag aiming to cheat a girl's feelings and fortune wasn't any ordinary swindler!

He put on a r

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