Chapter 12: Where Did He Go?
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 12: Where Did He Go?

“Rat” Ruen. That was the nickname others had for him.

The sordid blood used by most in the “White Wolf” hunter organization originates from a ferocious, widely known dream beast—Sky Wolf.

Such a moniker seemed like a huge irony within “White Wolf” but Ruen was proud of it.

Was there anything wrong with being a cowardly rat?

To Ruen, words like treacherous, cunning and avaricious were positive connotations. Only people with such traits led longer lives.

His acute sense of smell and uncanny foresight were extremely useful tools for preserving his own life.

These skills were honed for years, ever since he had taken to the streets. He had switched allegiances countless times, turned traitor numerous times and held many bargaining chips that could enable him to get out of any situation.

No one could kill him, nor was anyone willing to. “Rat” Ruen himself was the only one that knew exactly how vast his intelligence network was.

And this time, he was relying on a woman.

When he witnessed the miraculous wolf beast mutation bringing with it destruction and blood, followed by the graceful transformation back into human, Ruen understood that the hunters of the night would see a new master.

This woman would bring about an unprecedented revolution!

But even if she failed, nothing would happen to “Rat” Ruen.

As for the magician’s loyalty brand? Ruen had already secretly obtained the method to dispel it.

He had lived easily for many years by relying on defecting and surrendering under false pretenses whereas all those masters he had betrayed had already returned to dust. In unclear situations, those that clung on to a dead branch like fools such as the third leader Kaji… just proved how worthless and dangerous trust was.

When Ruen served under Heris, he too had used these tricks to have the “White Wolf” leader believe a notorious fellow like himself.

And now, deceiving this young, affluent lady was an easy task...

A rat had his own ambitions!

If he could obtain the method of controlling beast mutation, he would no longer be a rat

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