Chapter 13: Steel Resolve
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 13: Steel Resolve

The entire affair was something the treacherous and cunning “Rat” would have never imagined.

On the surface, “Rat” Ruen was seemingly an ordinary information peddler but in reality, he was someone who kept tabs on various factions from the shadows and had remained safe and sound over a few decades despite jumping from group to group.

In the end, he had died in this ordinary bookstore without uttering a single cry nor leaving a single trace.

Moreover, he had died as a result of the keen senses and perception he was so proud of.

Ji Zhixiu once again returned to her seat but she felt as though she was sitting on a bed of thorns. Her hands trembled along with the teacup she held as she kept glancing nervously at the stone gargoyle.

The demonic entity that had mercilessly devoured a human whole had turned back into the silent and unmoving sculpture, was now back at its original spot facing the door as if nothing had happened.

Ji Zhixiu didn’t know whether she was seeing things but the blood red glow of the gargoyle’s eyes seemed brighter than before...

This must be a warning from the owner! thought Ji Zhixiu as she watched Lin Jie come down and acted totally oblivious.

He must have seen Ruen’s suspicions and disrespects but felt it beneath himself to point them out and therefore got the gargoyle to eliminate that ignorant fellow!

He didn’t even want to see Ruen’s ugly death throes and found an excuse to leave!

Wait, he didn’t actually use an excuse. He said that there was something he needed to attend to and would be back in five minutes. Wasn’t he talking about the time he went upstairs to kill Ruen?!

This… this is totally what a black magician would do! Elegance and arrogance mixed with dark brutality… It’s way more violent than what hunters are used to!

It’s no wonder Wilde would appear here! Wilde, the most notorious Destructive-rank black magician in recent years, must be good friends with the bookstore’s owner at least...

“Don’t stand on ceremony, you can share whatever ideas you were talking about just now. I wil

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How Steel Was Tempered - Nikolai Ostrovsky

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