Chapter 14: Uncle, My Ass!
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 14: Uncle, My Ass!

Raindrops lengthened into fine white lines, revealing their trajectory before becoming separate droplets in Ji Zhixiu’s field of vision.

A strong gale blew past, sweeping along the many sounds that took shape in her mind.

Dark clouds in the sky appeared to converge as she heard the rustling of leaves, swaying power lines, people running, water flowing, breaths, heartbeats, blood, spirit, aether...

Ji Zhixiu felt as if her soul had been extracted yet it wasn’t completely severed from her own body.

Her soul wasn’t like a soul. It started to extend, just like a giant octopus stretching its tentacles into the sky in all directions and coming into contact with everything in its surroundings.

Ji Zhixiu was first bewildered, then she became aware of her current circumstances.

She instinctively glanced in the direction of the bookstore and she seemed to see fog and nothing much else.

Through the transom windows on the door, she saw Lin Jie skimming through the shelves as carefreely as ever.

Ji Zhixiu’s gaze shifted to the stone gargoyle and saw close to a thousand souls of varying levels of putrefaction clumped tightly together above it, howling in grief with outstretched hands, as if trying to grab something in front of them.

Amongst them was a rather conspicuous and intact soul wailing in misery—The recently deceased “Rat” Ruen.

Ji Zhixiu didn’t see the “Loyal” sigil branded anywhere on his soul.

Haywood’s sigil was really dispelled! The moment this notion popped up, those invisible floating tentacles had already hurtled over rapidly and were constricting Ruen’s soul that was already assimilated with the stone gargoyle

Ji Zhixiu suddenly felt a sharp pain in her mind, as if she had taken a hammer blow to the head.

“Uugh…” Ji Zhixiu groaned, steadying herself after taking half a step backwards.

She opened her eyes and glanced at the opened book in her hands, as her breathing got heavier.

“Haa… so that’s the case...”

The hunter sensed that her recently transformed soul—The huge, formless, soul floating around her like an octopus was unable to leave her surroundings for the time being.

And the countless tentacles of this soul was currently wrapped around a frightened soul—Ruen.

His eyes widened as if wanting to speak but his mouth was tightly smothered by those invisible tentacles.

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The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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