Chapter 15: Truly Good Friends
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 15: Truly Good Friends

Former Great Radiant Knight, Joseph had come to investigate the suspicious bookstore on 23rd Avenue where "Faceless Black-scaled Man" Wilde had spent an hour in.

Joseph had already gone through the information regarding this bookstore before coming over.

The intelligence report submitted was very detailed and thorough as the matter concerned a Destructive-grade black magician.

The background of this bookstore was spotless. The owner Lin Jie, was an out-of-towner from the Northern Highlands who set up his bookstore here three years ago. By a stroke of luck, Lin Jie's extensive and valuable collection of books caught the favor of the Ash Chamber of Commerce's vice-president and he was able to officially operate as a licensed business with their support.

These were all publicly recorded information within the Ash Chamber of Commerce's internal department. The obsession with cleanliness Druids had and the Ash Chamber of Commerce's reputation were two things that were undoubtedly credible.

And it seemed as if it was the truth indeed. The young man, as well as every corner of the bookstore didn't cause even the slightest disturbance to the aether.

To a person of Joseph's level, the flow of aether within the city of Norzin was very distinct and impossible to deceive.

Joseph came to the conclusion that the young man probably didn't know anything and there wouldn't be a need to spend too much effort interrogating him. Moreover, it was highly unlikely that Wilde would share his own personal information with this young owner so it just felt like a waste of time.

Joseph had made countless mistakes like this back in the day but now, he was experienced enough to know how best to prevent them.

Joseph had fully grasped the situation and the only anomaly was this stone gargoyle.

Besides buying or borrowing books, Wilde took an hour to leave a stone gargoyle here... There has to be a purpose. Could this be a coordinate...

Joseph fixed his pressuring gaze on Lin Jie and tried to determine whether the owner was lying. "Is this stone gargoyle yours?"

Upon hearing what was said, Lin Jie turned towards the stone gargoyle and shook his head in puzzlement. "Mm, It's a souvenir given to me by a customer."

Has this uncle taken a fancy to this art piece and wishes to purchase it?

Ah, that won't do. This souvenir given to me by Old Wil is of great significance.

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