Chapter 8: Joseph
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Knock knock!

"Chief, I’ve received a report."

Joseph looked up from his documents and saw the golden haired youngster standing at the door.

"Come in, Claude." As he said that, Joseph put down his pen, removed his glasses and rubbed his nose. "Did something happen with regards to the Magic Ovum Mirror incident? These hunters…"

The old man got up, eyeing the pile of files on his desk. He took a deep breath, then roared, "....are simply the vermin of Norzin!"

Joseph looked like a refined elderly gentleman when seated. But when he stood up, the bulging muscles of his huge frame seemed like they were about to burst out of his clothes. An unwavering look of resolve on his face and that grizzled white hair gave him a daunting aura.

Claude waved to the people outside before gently closing the door and entering. “Sorry teacher, it’s a new development.”

“A new development? What kind of development can be even more important than the bunch of retarded morons that only know how to bark and cause trouble?!”

In a fit of rage, Joseph knocked on the desk lightly and a crackling sound of metal sounded from his mechanical arm.

With a loud bang, a crack appeared on the desk as it shook. “Bullshit! I would already be enjoying retirement if not for these bunch of motherless bastards! Goddamn it! One day I’ll piss on all their mother’s graves!”

Claude’s lips twitch and he couldn’t help speaking up. “Teacher, you’ve to mind your image…”

Joseph huffed, “What’s there to be afraid of?” He casted a glance behind Claude. “Haven’t you already closed the door?”

Claude: “...” What’s with this reasoning after spouting all that bullshit?

“Alright,” Claude scratched his head helplessly and placed the file he held onto the desk. “The informant tracking the hunter situation reported that Wilde was spotted on 23rd Avenue…”

“Who?!” Joseph’s eyes were shooting lasers as his expression turned grave.

“Wilde, Frank Wilde, the ‘Faceless Black-scaled Man’. Deemed as a Destructive-rank black magician by the Truth Union. Disappeared two years ago after the battle at the White Hills. We currently have a bounty for him with the reward increased every year and that causes a great deal of opposition within Secret Rite Tower.”

Claude had already expected this sort of reaction from his teacher and gave out his report precisely.

Joseph sneered, “He’s finally appeared once more. I thought that scum would have remained in the sewers shivering forever.”

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