Chapter 7: Gargoyle
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"Is this... a gargoyle?"

Lin Jie picked up the sculpture and observed it.

The stone sculpture was approximately 30 centimeters tall and 10 centimeters wide. A third of the sculpture was a pedestal while the remainder was the body of the gargoyle itself, a monster that was part human and part beast, with two horns on its head, a tail with a pointed end and a pair of bat-like wings which made it appear like the spawn of thedevil.

I really have no idea how Old Wil managed to hide it in his clothes, mused Lin Jie to himself.

He could tell that the cost of this sculpture wasn't cheap given its detailed and exquisite craftsmanship, which, together with the eerie red glow from its eyes, made it seem as if it was about to come to life at any moment.

For a moment, Lin Jie's heart pounded and he felt something wasn't right.

How scary!!

Fortunately, the rough texture of stone reminded Lin Jie that this was merely a sculpture.

"Yes," Wilde nodded.

"I know that it’s nothing precious, and it can't compare to the help you have given me thus far, but please accept this as a sign of my gratitude. I'll bring an even more valuable gift next time I return."

Lin Jie’s first thought was to reject the gift out of habit, but after some consideration, he realized that his Asian modesty wasn't appropriate here. He could tell that Old Wil sincerely wanted him to have this gift, and rejecting it would make it seem like he didn't like it or that they weren't close enough.

Besides, a gargoyle was similar to those Chinese stone tablets that warded off evil, relaying Old Wil’s blessings and kind intentions to him.

There was no reason to reject it, so Lin Jie decided to accept this "local specialty".

Lin Jie placed it back on the countertop and smiled.

"A fine piece of art indeed. I like it! I'm really looking forward to what you will bring me next!”

Wilde heaved a relieved sigh.

He had kept this gargoyle with him for many years, and it was also his graduation piece back when he finished his apprenticeshipwith his own master. Of all his creations

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