Chapter 447: Red
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"Pull your hood lower," Red kept away her bone knife and quietly mouthed to Lin Jie.

As she wished, Lin Jie pulled his hood down and looked at this entire closed-off community. The conditions here were even more unpleasant than the first place Lin Jie had seen.

While there had still been some densely packed constructs made of mud in the previous area, here, there were only some makeshift tents built using plastic tarps. Moreover, there was a very strong stench of corpses.

Lin Jie frowned, then heard Red behind him ask, "How long have you been in the Lower District?"

Lin Jie obediently answered, "According to Norzin time, only about five hours."

Upon hearing this, Red broke into a smile and asked, "Take out all the food on you quickly!"

Lin Jie immediately raised his hands, showing his empty palms. "I'm really sorry. I didn't think about this when I came."

"Liar!" Red's round eyes opened wide, though her beast-like eyes on her face didn't seem very threatening.

"I really didn't," Lin Jie replied in exasperation.

Red's eyebrows scrunched up and she was a little pissed. She had finally robbed someone from the Upper District, but her target didn't even have food.

Seeing Lin Jie this way, Red didn't think he was lying and uttered angrily under her breath, "I heard that people in the Upper District hate each other and often set up traps to rob and cause harm to each other... This guy looks stupid, could he have been robbed by his own kind?"

Lin Jie watched Red in amusement.

"That means you probably haven't eaten for quite a while, right?" Red asked hesitantly after her mini tirade.

Lin Jie nodded without hesitation. "And, I can eat a lot," Lin Jie said earnestly. "If I don't eat in the next hour, I'll most likely die."

"Die?!" Red exclaimed in fright.

"My grandma went to trade for food, and if things go well, she should be home tonight." Red pushed Lin Jie on and let him into a small makeshift tent, which only had two beds and a cabinet inside.

"I can share some with you when she returns, but remember, I

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