Chapter 446: Lower District
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 446: Lower District

Lin Jie headed through the half-opened path that led to the Lower District.

He could transform into a dragon at will, but he still maintained his human form. He stepped onto a simple and temporarily constructed elevator that creaked with every movement as it made its way down the narrow and confined elevator shaft where one could only see layers upon layers of black rock.

Lin Jie stepped out of the elevator and traversed along the underground passageway. Were he human, Lin Jie would have a very bad feeling about this place. He could sense familiar scents and auras that were very similar to his source of power.

Lin Jie squinted slightly and could make out the gray fog that spread throughout the Lower District.

While the Lower District felt like a bad place, at this moment, Lin Jie felt like he was truly stepping on the ground.

The entire Upper District was a steel machine set upon the Lower District. All of its mechanisms were built on the blood and tears of the latter. To put it in a simple analogy, if the Upper District was a running steam train, then the Lower District was its burning furnace. The resource was coal, but it was ignited with humans.

Lin Jie concealed his form and continued forward through this secret passage. He imagined that he would one day be able to leave this pathway, but gradually realized that he had no way of leaving because the entire Lower District was within this tunnel.

This was a world formed by dark intersecting mining tunnels. The ground was muddied and sloshed with every step. The tunnel walls were constantly seeping water and covered in moss. This place was in eternal darkness, without a hint of green or sunlight.

Further ahead, Lin Jie could make out tattered tents and beds set up in stone buildings constructed in the mine. Due to there being little temperature disparity underground, people here only had a single-person accommodation, and everyone only wore black robes.

Lin Jie adjusted his black cloak and revealed himself. Unfortunately, no one cared.

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