Chapter 379: The Two Of Them Can't Come
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 379: The Two Of Them Can't Come

With great difficulty, Winston managed to snap awake following the explosions brought about by the shockwaves.

He didn't know how long he had been unconscious for, nor did he know where he was on the battlefield. The only thing fortunate was that he found Caroline nearby when he opened his eyes.

It seemed that he still remembered to protect the weaker chief of the Logistics Division just before he lost consciousness during the chaos.

Caroline had regained consciousness earlier than he did and was standing at the side, 'gazing' at the battlefield with her eyes closed and brows furrowed.

Cough cough... Ack.

Winston spat out a mouthful of blood. He patted the dust off his head and stood up.

As the aether within his body had been exhausted in order to resist the shockwave, Winston had no way to treat himself. He could only retrieve an already bloodstained bandage in the function slot of his armor and forcefully applied it on his upper arm to stop the bleeding.

Having bandaged himself, he ignored the pain throughout his body and staggered over to Caroline.

He glanced in the direction that Caroline was facing. Dust and smoke abounded, making it difficult to see anything, yet it was so quiet that only the whistle of the wind could be heard.

Apparently, Caroline had sensed his approach and said, "I'm trying to seek information pertaining to Joseph..."

Winston was stunned for a moment before he immediately blurted out with urgency, "How is it? Did you find any?"

The creases on Caroline's forehead deepened as she shook her head. "No..."

Halfway through her sentence, she groaned in pain as blood flowed from her eyes once more.

Fortunately, Winston was supporting her. Otherwise, she would surely have fallen to the ground.

Winston's anxious mood took a turn. He had realized what sort of danger this kind of action represented in an environment filled with aether produced by the clash of Supreme-ranks.

"…Don't push yourself too hard." Winston sighed.

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