Chapter 378: Perfect Ending
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 378: Perfect Ending

Truth Union.

Andrew followed Raziel as they traveled beneath Machine Loop.

Abandoned laboratories all around them were quiet, and only complex seals above them lit up the path with weak light as the empty corridor echoed with the tapping of their leather shoes.

This was Norzin's city within a city—Machine Loop.

Machine Loop was located beneath Norzin's Central District, connecting to the Upper and Lower Districts. The lowest point of this city within a city was the gates to the Lower District which were tightly sealed with many layers of security. It was the most secret place in the entire Truth Union.

Other than those allowed to explore the Lower District as well as certain personnel from Rolle Resource Development, anyone else who wanted to pass here would have to face the full firepower of the Truth Union.

All the laboratories and factories of the Truth Union were in Machine Loop. This was the place where the inferior philosopher's stones were produced as well as where the 'Clay Idol' project was conducted, which gave rise to the creation of the eventually finished product S-277.

The restricted areas right at the bottom which had been long abandoned served as Raziel's stronghold for thousands of years. Everything that served the Path of the Flaming Sword as well as his own ideals, which included establishing mental control over the entire Truth Union, researching the brain structure of outstanding scholars, and allowing people to create true consciousness for homunculus… were all completed here.

In other words, this was a place to hide filth.

Andrew stared at the huge beehive-like laboratory in the center. Mechanical pathways linked every room together as if they were organs in a human body, while many expressionless laboratory technicians in white coats traversed to and fro between rooms.

They had never stopped working ever since Raziel made them.

But today, this numbness would end.

After all, the true Truth Union no longer needed to hide themselves.

An insuppressible sense of

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