Chapter 376: If It Be A Long Night, I'll Be Daybreak
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 376: If It Be A Long Night, I'll Be Daybreak

The current of annihilative darkness was dispersed by the massive energy emitted from the dream fissure. This dream realm, which was both real and illusory, popped like a bubble following Haniel's implosion.

Amidst the loud rumble, the whole of Norzin tilted several degrees to the side.

Wilde's massive body was also impacted, causing many of his tentacles to snap as he was pushed back several thousand meters.

His eyes widened in shock as he watched Joseph and his daughter hug each other.

The outcome had been directly rewritten just because of an outburst of excessive energy!

This, in fact, wasn't the most unbelievable part. What was even crazier was that Wilde could sense that the power that scattered contained Law, a very complete and powerful one. Just a little leaking out due to death had been enough to injure him. This meant, a Supreme-rank far stronger than them had just recently fallen.

Wilde, a 'newbie' Supreme-rank that had only just mastered the Law of Eventuality, came face-to-face with a Supreme-rank transcendent existence, and his heart couldn't help but palpitate anxiously.

A Supreme-rank who had mastery over the Law of Time was definitely an absolute powerhouse among other Supreme-ranks. However, such a powerful transcendent existence had been killed by time in the blink of an eye.

Was there anyone who could do such a thing?

Wilde could already come to a conjecture without needing to think.

"Melissa... Just wonderful." Hands that he hadn't been able to grab before were now clutched tightly by Joseph.

At this moment, Joseph, a Supreme-rank that had comprehended the Law of his concept, was merely a father reunited with his lost daughter and hugging her tightly in ecstasy.

"Melissa…my Melissa..." The old knight muttered incoherently.

"Dad… Hehe, are you happy? In the past, it was always you protecting others. Now it's my turn to save you..."

Melissa was held tightly in her father's embrace as his warm tears dampened her shoulders. She lightly patted her father's broad

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