Chapter 375: The Fluttering
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 375: The Fluttering


One of the supreme Laws that humans could never grasp or master. As lower dimensional creatures that had never seen before a higher dimension, they had no way to comprehend it.

That was why Andrew's family could only use the method of capturing the Clockwheel Worm. Using these transcendent creatures that lived in the timeline and maintained its flow, that family had indirectly obtained the power to grasp the rules of time.

However, Haniel, who arrived in this world as an evolved form of the Clockwheel Worm, the Chronos Butterfly, had the authority to control time and simply didn't need to comprehend anything about time itself.

Just jumping between dimensions was as instinctive to her as walking.

With such a unique ability, she could look down on even those of the same level and view others as insignificant. Even after joining the Path of the Flaming Sword, even Michael wouldn't give her direct orders.

Despite this, in essence, she was just but a tiny bug of a higher-dimensional world. Yet, to humans, she was the master of time.

It ought to have been like this...

However, this all changed in that brief encounter with that scary black-haired young man.

She never imagined she would ever find herself in such a sorry state. Her actual body had been caught, and she hadn't been able to resist in any way. Moreover, she had nearly been entirely devoured, managing to escape with a part of her body thanks to her instincts.

"Power… Give me back my power…"

She wailed in extreme pain and jumped across different timelines at rapid speed. Following her instincts, she searched for the culprit behind it all with the single-minded thought of asking the other party to return her strength.

Haniel had used up her entire life's strength just for escaping. Losing her body and power had caused her to fall into a semi-degenerate state, and currently she seemed to have returned to being an ignorant bug, just blindly following her instincts.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. A suddenly flash of inspiration, l

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