Chapter 374: What Did You Say?
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 374: What Did You Say?

The extremely low-hanging thick and dark clouds appeared as if they would come crashing down at any moment. Such abnormal phenomena made it seem like the end of the world was fast approaching. Lightning crackled every so often, yet the sound was drowned out by the howling snowstorm.


Cracks had started to appear on the second Dream Creator barrier once more, indicating that it wouldn't hold out for too long.

The ground shook, and spider web-like fissures covering a wide area kept expanding.

Backing off slightly, Winston took a deep breath and reached out his hand to grasp the air. He could clearly feel that the temperature of the entire battlefield was rising continuously.

Caroline, chief of the Logistics Division, who had rushed over from the rear, was standing next to him. The woman had a lit cigarette, and blood was streaming from her shut eyes.

As the chaotic aether field within the battlefield had already far exceeded the scope of the aether surveillance monitors, Caroline had to personally mobilize in order to grasp more accurate information.

"Huuu…" Caroline blew out a stream of smoke while rubbing the corners of her eyes. Although Eyes of Gazing could directly obtain the information she wanted, it was rather strenuous and would cause some damage.

Wearily, she said, "Joseph has finally completed his own Law. A second Supreme-rank domain has been formed. Now... it's no longer a place for us minor characters."


Even though this meant that Joseph might have a chance to turn the tables, Winston didn't feel the least bit pleased.

The reason why the 'Indomitable Sacred Flame' got his name was Joseph's signature technique of burning aether to produce a white blaze.

Admirers and followers of Joseph claimed that these flames were the light of justice.

Yet now, it was completely dark on the other side of the barrier.

Winston stared into the distance, having understood what Caroline meant—What was about to unfold was a real battle between Supreme-rank, a collision between

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