Chapter 373: Start A Prairie Fire
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 373: Start A Prairie Fire

A smile appeared on Melissa's face with the fire. Her eyes, resplendent as gemstones, curved into crescents. She opened her eyes as if she was about to say something and her beautiful brows froze for a moment before being swallowed by the darkness.

Sparks lingered near Joseph's fingertips before dissipating into the cold wind.

The young knight's outstretched hand stopped dead in midair, turning to ash that swirled with the snow and scattered in all directions, away from her father's hand.

Time seemed to stand still as Joseph could only stare blankly as his lovely daughter turned to ash in front of him.


The domain with the concept 'Burning' rapidly arrived and condensed on his body as white flames that seemed capable of incinerating everything. In an instant, the flames burned more brightly than ever and spewed out in all directions, but Joseph could no longer feel anything.

The tough-as-nails knight, who had never been weak in his entire life, felt like something was stuck in his throat. His mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air, but he could not utter a complete sentence—

"Me-Melissa..." He choked out the name of his own child.

He knew how painful it was to burn one's own life force. Yet Melissa had crossed half the battlefield all the while withstanding the barrage of Wilde's Supreme-rank domain.

Burning up her body with fire and never faltering.

However, such a strong child—his kind, cute, smart, hardworking, mischievous, beautiful, brave Melissa—hadn't been favored by fate… In the end, she could not reach her father's arms.

"Melissa… I'm sorry."

Great sorrow drowned Joseph. His eyes, which had long dried up for countless years due to the grueling training and tempering since his youth, filled with tears instantly.

He took deep breaths, but the surrounding air seemed to have become frozen, preventing him from taking in any more oxygen.

It was as if his everything that had always made him carry on living had left him along with those ashes.

As his visio

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