Chapter 32: Arm Wrestle
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 32: Arm Wrestle

As per usual, Lin Jie proficiently unlatched the bolt and opened the door to his bookstore.

The rain outside hadn’t shown any signs of letting up, and it was as if the heavens above had forgotten to turn the faucet off.

The water level on the flooded roads seemed to have gone down slightly today; according to news reports, it was probably due to the underground sewage system operating at its highest efficiency .

However, the thing that surprised everyone was the several heavy vehicles passing by the usually empty street.

Headlamps shone through the curtain of rain and lit up the street for brief moments. Occasionally, curious faces would peek out from shops and residences on both sides of the street before once again shutting their doors or windows to prevent the rain from entering.

These vehicles came and went quickly and quiet normalcy resumed once more.

“Could there be an accident?” Lin Jie wondered as he watched the waves created from the passing trucks. On further thought, accidents weren’t out of the question in this heavy rain.

There also seemed to be heavy machineries used for construction such as bulldozers and excavators on these trucks.

Lin Jie also wanted to listen to the morning news broadcast from next door to find out what had happened. But after staying in his seat for quite some time, he still had yet to hear the crackling static from the television.


According to the usual routine, Lin Jie found this a little strange. When such unusual occurrences happened, the next-door boss would definitely turn up the volume of his television and set it on a channel that gave reports on the matter that everyone was curious about.

However, he hadn’t done this today and it seemed as if the television wasn’t even switched on.

How strange. Could it be another trip? Or has the next-door boss fallen ill all of a sudden? Lin Jie couldn’t help worrying.

Although this neighbor had some shortcomings, he was just a regular citizen and couldn’t be judged as a bad person.

Already used to listening to news in this way

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Special thanks to Tetra & Aco for editing and pr-ing
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