Chapter 33: Father-Daughter Conflict
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 33: Father-Daughter Conflict

Lin Jie’s lips twitched subtly. If he wasn’t careful in keeping his expressions in check, his face now would definitely be scrunched up in confusion.

Quite a number of colorful individuals had visited his bookstore during the past three years, but this was the first time someone had requested an arm wrestle.

Lin Jie had never heard such a strange request in all his years operating his bookstore or even when he was still lecturing at a university before his transmigration...

Out of the three choices of 'borrowing', 'purchasing', or 'reading', would a normal person have chosen to 'arm wrestle'?

Is this appropriate?

It clearly isn’t.

With his instincts as a life mentor, Lin Jie felt that there was something fishy about this. He once again eyed this teenage girl with a scrutinizing gaze.

She had no makeup on, yet her skin condition was very good. She wore clothes that had an exquisite level of craftsmanship and her cap was from a rather well-known brand. Slight bits of mud could be spotted on her boots, but the shoe prints left on the floor were clear. She had probably washed them by the puddles outside the door.

From these subtle observations, Lin Jie felt that this teenage girl had an air of sophistication.

The most noteworthy aspect was her tightly braided red hair. It was clearly well maintained like soft fur that would probably be pleasing to the touch.

In short, she was probably from a well-to-do family. While recalling the teenage girl’s expression when she entered, Lin Jie could see expressions of anxiousness and disappointment.

He was quite certain that this girl had specifically come to visit the bookstore and hadn’t entered to take shelter from the rain like Ji Zhixiu had done.

If so, why would a young girl from a rich family that would have no lack of entertainment options suddenly come running over to Lin Jie’s bookstore... to have an arm wrestle with him?

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At present, Lin Jie didn’t feel that his bookstore had any special characteristics that would make one brave the rain just for a casual visit.

No, wait a moment.

Could the reason for the increased number of new customers be because one of them is promoting my place?

Ji Zhixiu, Joseph… Joseph?

Lin Jie folded his arms and examined this young girl closely with a piercing gaze.

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