Chapter 31: Eight Extra Teeth
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 31: Eight Extra Teeth

Heris reached out and received the file from his subordinate.

Right at the top was a scene reconstruction report those black magicians of 'Scarlet Cult' had done. The paper document was filled with a long and detailed analysis.

It even included the time of magic release, extent of aetheric disturbance, state of mind, scope of damage on the scene, and many other details. Anything that was of significant importance was neatly collated within.

Fortunately, black magicians weren't like the bunch of Truth Unions blockheads and had marked out the most important points. Furthermore, there was a complete and detailed description of the scene reconstruction.

Such detailed investigation reports could only be achieved by magicians.

Investigation methods used by hunters tended to rely on themselves as well as their senses. For example, hunters with superior vision could spot bloodstains or disturbances in the aether that ordinary people wouldn't notice.

However, they could also see another hidden aspect of the world and eventually go insane...

Of course, this was just but a myth. Veteran hunters that truly went crazy and finally died would have already lost their speech abilities long ago and wouldn't be able to accurately depict what they witnessed to others through their growls and grunts.

The temporary collaboration between 'White Wolf' and 'Scarlet Cult' was really beneficial for both sides.

In battle, the complement of close and long-range combat increased the efficiency of their fighting strength. As of the current situation, this cooperation was something both sides couldn't do without...

But the premise was that they shared the same objective. Otherwise, those high and mighty magicians would never choose to work together with the hunters.

Heris skimmed through the file and flipped to the last page when his eyes narrowed. The final part of the file was a photograph of the scene.

The entire alley was covered with flesh and blood. Veins and lumps of meat plastered the ground and walls. Even if this was a photograph, those

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