Chapter 30: Run
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The entire duration of Johann witnessing this frightening scene up till the point where he lost consciousness merely lasted for a moment.

The image of pure white flowers growing on flesh and blood remained etched in his mind. Such a contrast caused his skin to tingle and his hairs to stand on end. However, Johann couldn't react in time and try to escape.

In the next second, his vision turned pitchblack and a sensation of extreme pain spread throughout his body.

This momentary second that seemed like an eternity made him feel absolute despair.

He could distinctly feel those tendril-like veins climbing up his body and burrowing into his ears, eyes, mouth, and nostrils. The veins infiltrated his skin, internal organs, and finally his brain.

Johann felt like he was a swollen bag of flesh and bones with his insides frantically being meshed up. Finally, when it all settled down, he was no longer himself and neither was he still a person with any sense of concept.

The middle-aged black magician standing at the door suddenly ceased moving and his head drooped down. His hand was still on the doorknob as the squirming bloody veins all over his body vanished rapidly.


Johann took a step back and gently closed the door once more.

As he made his way down the stairs, he continued to mumble to himself, "I...I...I have to..."

It was as if he had just gained the ability to speak and was muttering a whole bunch of nonsensical words.

But as he slowly reached the ground floor, his speech gradually regained normalcy and the words he uttered had become clearer.

"I have to eliminate... all existences that threaten the lord...

"Oh Lord, from here on out, your servant...pledges his utmost loyalty."


Uri was waiting in a dark alley. After finishing a cigarette, he tossed the butt onto the ground and stamped it out before taking out his pocket watch.

Some raindrops splashed onto the face of the pocket watch. Uri frowned and used his thumb to wipe it dry.

Half an hour had already passed.

The alley was less than 2 kilome

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