Chapter 29: Iris Flowers
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 29: Iris Flowers

Lin Jie looked up and realized there were some shimmering golden lights within the massive tree's canopy.

Being well hidden within the dense branches and leaves made it hard for Lin Jie to notice the fruits on this tree till now. Furthermore, his attention had been captured by the falling snow and beautiful iris flowers.

Silver had given a choice between four options—Tree, fruit, flower, and nectar.

Lin Jie thought about it and ruled out the tree first. He couldn't bring this tree away and this tree seemed to be rather useless to him.

Next, he eliminated the flowers for the same reason. Besides ornamental purposes, the flowers didn't seem to have any other use. Moreover, Lin Jie had plucked a flower and placed it on Silver's ear not too long ago. Now, having her give him a flower back seemed weird somehow.

Thus, he was only left with fruit and nectar.

Lin Jie pondered for a moment before gazing up at the glimmering, golden fruits hidden in the tree. "Can it be eaten directly?"

Lin Jie wasn't really interested in nectar, so why not try out how a fruit growing within a dream tasted like? This could also be considered a very unique experiment.

"Of course," replied Silver with a smile.


A golden fruit shaped like an apple fell on its own the moment Silver spoke. Lin Jie reached out and caught it easily.

As Lin Jie twirled it in his hand, he noticed that this golden apple was an exquisite specimen. Every single curve seemed to be perfect, as if it had been drawn.

Here it is again, only something that can appear in a dream.

However, Lin Jie didn't care too much because it was now about to enter his stomach.

"Crunch, crunch."

Lin Jie completely devoured this little golden fruit in three bites. It was sweet, juicy, and wasn't that different from an ordinary apple, with the exception that it didn't have a core.

It seemed like the sense of taste in a dream was still based on reality. Hoping for an out-of-the world gustatory experience was simply wishful thinking.

At this moment, Lin Jie suddenly felt his mind becoming s

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