Chapter 283: The Power of Food
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 283: The Power of Food

Theodore was somewhat appalled by his absurd conclusion.

But if this was really some sort of research journal, then the owner of it had been researching these warped scribblings that seemed as though they were forcibly written by a kid that had barely learned to write.

But… What was there to be researched about all these?

These characters were simple, a bunch of commonly used and seen words… For instance, “You,” “I,” “Great,” “Sun,” “Sky,” “And,” “Light,” “Father,” “None,” and so on.

Even a random three-year-old kid off the streets of Norzin would be able to understand the meaning of these words. Was it necessary to have pages upon pages of strange explanations along the margins?

If this were research on the ancient carvings on some relic, then it was nothing special.

After all, these words could contain historical information about the ancient days which historians and aristocrats might find both intriguing and valuable.

Theodore used to collect such books and resell them for at least thrice the original price, which was an exceptionally lucrative business.

This had been his initial intention this time as well, but he never expected to find himself in such trouble…

Yet, the more it was like this, the more he felt this matter was bizarre.

To conduct such a meaningless act of research is truly… truly… difficult to describe! Isn’t it all too foolish?

Theodore stared at the journal before him with a frown and started to ponder, yet was still unable to come to an understanding despite racking his brains out.

“Could it be… my assumption is wrong? Even though it greatly resembles a research journal, this might just be my own personal perception.

“These common Azir words could be added as a smokescreen, and these characters that I do not understand are the cause of the transcendent beings’ interest?”

In the end, this was the only reason that Theodore could convince himself with and the only conjecture that could allow him to put an end to all this wild guesses.

He was going to lo

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