Chapter 284: Familiar Journal
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 284: Familiar Journal

Thanks to a cup of milk tea from another world, the internal strife within Prima’s clan over their beliefs came to a halt.

Even though things between the two factions had already escalated to the point of Jerome sending an assassin after Prima, Margaret still missing, and eventually an unnatural death for Jerome, with the common recognition of a fine beverage, the two factions had finally managed to find a common ground after such a prolonged period of time.

And it was at this moment where they recognized that all of them shared the same bloodline and the unity of their clan was far more important than their nihilistic beliefs—the blood that flowed in their veins was the same and there was no reason to go against each other.

Afterwards, they shook hands and made peace with one another.

According to Andrew’s description, this was probably what had happened in Lin Jie’s point of view.

Hmm… That isn’t too much of a stretch.

After all, the power of food had no bounds.

In any case, young Prima would be able to leave the bookstore a few days ahead of schedule.

But when Lin Jie broached this to Prima, the young lady panicked and expressed her unwillingness to leave, instead insisting that she wanted to stay at the bookstore for a couple more days.

The reason she gave was simple. “Mr. Lin saved me and imparted to me such important knowledge. I have nothing to give in return, but I still hope to be of some help to Mr. Lin…”

Naturally, this ‘help’ she was referring to was to be a waitress at the book cafe next door and assist Mu’en with the running of the place.

Which also meant being the assistant to Lin Jie’s assistant.

Lin Jie watched the young lady that had become his assistant’s assistant do a pretty credible job and decided to let her be.

After all, apart from the daily three meals he was providing her, Prima was basically working for free and Lin Jie didn’t want to waste such a wonderful opportunity.

Moreover, given her sister’s disappearance and having her own uncle send an assass

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