Chapter 25: Sky Wolf
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A tall building collapsed as a body hurtled into it. Amidst the rain of falling debris, that figure rapidly changed her posture mid-air and fell towards the nearest building at the side.

“Damn it, they have magicians amongst them!” Kaiyi stabilized herself by grabbing onto an exposed pipe, then shouted towards Ji Zhixiu, “Watch out for the familiar!”

An incantation was chanted and a purple flash ensued.


A giant serpent extended its wings and shot upwards at an astounding speed, revealing bloody jaws and sharp fangs.

Ji Zhixiu's eyes narrowed as she threw her cane, embedding the blade edge into the wall at the side.


Glowing yellow eyes fixed its gaze on the hunter as the giant serpent viciously bit down towards Ji Zhixiu!

Jaws came clamping down, but it was suddenly halted. A silver furred paw grabbed onto the serpent’s upper jaw as knife-like claws cut its skin and drew blood. The second paw caught hold of the serpent’s lower jaw.

With force exerted to both the top and bottom at the same time, the giant serpent’s jaws were gradually being torn apart. Its body writhed as it struggled frantically but it was no use as its body was mercilessly split down from the middle.

Splat! Blood and innards painted the wall red.

“What?!” The magician that had summoned the familiar staggered backwards in shock. The color in his face had drained as he cried on in disbelief, “How is this possible? How can she maintain her rationality with this degree of beast mutation! God damn it, I thought they were just rumors and Heris would inform us if he knew. He’s just making use of us!”

“What’s the use of finding out now? We are already on the battlefield!” exclaimed another magician beside him. “Don’t panic! The blood of the Sky Wolf fears fire!’

“But it’s raining now…”

“There’s no point overthinking it! Prepare the gunpowder! Hold steady, she’s just a Pandemonium-rank. We can win!”

“Howl…” On the rooftop, a silver wolf as huge as a hill stood on its hind legs, claw glistening with blood as its fur fluttered in the wi

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