Chapter 24: Dreamcatcher
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 24: Dreamcatcher

"Yet another day of helping someone," Lin Jie sighed contently as he returned to his seat behind the counter.

There really weren't many kindhearted people in society nowadays.

Lin Jie knew that the next-door neighbor was actually a bum that spends the whole day lying down in front of the television doing nothing. Surely, some would wonder if there was any point in helping such a person.

But when conducting oneself with integrity, one ought to consider the long-term. A store's branding should be built up from the most minute of aspects.

Just like how he gained his loyal customers because he was good at understanding others, offering them counsel, and becoming their friends.

To him, the next door audio-video store was an important customer source.

Only with comparison would there be a deeper understanding.

Just imagine if a customer of the next door store asked, the boss of the audio-video store could say that Lin Jie was a good person. Thus, those people would have positive connotations of the neighbouring bookstore owner.

Perhaps, it might make them consider coming over to take a look.

Haa... I hope the boss next door can understand my kind intentions and help bring me some customers.

The bell on the door slightly tinkled, accompanied by the pitter-patter of rain which became isolated once more when the door closed.

Lin Jie looked up and was momentarily stunned before he flashed a slightly surprised smile, "Old Wil, why are you back so quickly this time?"

It was Wilde who had arrived.He was in a suit as before, just that he now had on a slightly longer cloak, approximately long enough to hide his arms.

Lin Jie always felt Old Wil had a good dress sense. His style was like an English gentleman's and today's attire seemed to have an air of mystery.

Wilde removed his hat and did a half bow before heading to the seat in front of the counter. Taking out the book, he said excitedly, "Thank you for your generosity, I have made great progress and it feels as if inspiration is coursing through my entire body. I feel that I will be able to make a breakthrough before long."

He felt that he was one step away from Supreme-rank. Even though the gulf was still huge, Wilde knew that it was no longer unattainable.

All he needed was to refine the concept of his soul and find a language that belonged to himself.

Lin Jie clapped and said encouragingly, "Breaking through the current stage really isn't easy. Let me congratulate you in advance. If you need help, I will do my utmost."

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