Chapter 23: Where's The Circuit Breaker
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 23: Where's The Circuit Breaker

“...The storm weather warning has been upgraded to red. Passage to Norzin’s lower city districts has already been closed and traffic in Norzin’s upper city districts has come to a standstill. Many industries have been hit hard, and there’s been severe infrastructural damage.”

"At present, the city's sewerage system is operating at full capacity and alleviating some ponding. However, according to expert estimates, this is merely an inadequate measure. If torrential rain continues on for another month, a third of Norzin might be submerged."

"Rolle Resource Development Company proposed utilizing the lower city district to construct a more comprehensive sewerage network. This would be a huge project, thus the company would appeal to everyone and hope to gain the support of the authorities."

"Experts say that the main cause of this torrential rain comes from a cold air mass originating from the Northern Highlands..."

Lin Jie listened to the news broadcasts from his neighbor's television as he worked tirelessly to mop up the puddles on the floor.

This torrential downpour had already gone on for close to an entire week. Just as the reports had mentioned, ponding on the roads was more than 30 centimeters high the previous day, when the situation was at its worst.

To say that traffic had been completely paralyzed wasn't exactly truebecause paddle boats and other water-way means of transport could still be used.

After waking up in the morning and coming downstairs, Lin Jie saw that some water had seeped through the crack at the bottom of the door, carrying leaves, branches, and other such debris into the bookstore.

Fortunately, the situation wasn't that severe. The water level outside hadn't continued to rise due to the drainage system, just that some drifting plastic bags had caught on the door, causing water to flow in.

Splish splash.

Lin Jie squeezed the last of the accumulated water out of the door and stretched his back. "It's finally done, how tiring."

He placed the mop aside and admired the sparkly clean floor.

"I wonder if that little cat found its way home. Roaming around outside in such horrible weather is rather dangerous," mused Lin Jie as he thought about the black cat that had run away from his door on the day of Joseph's visit.

The kind-natured Lin Jie couldn't help but sigh worriedly.

Sounds from the television suddenly ceased. A string of curses ensued, followed by some loud banging noises.

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