Chapter 22: Remember To Drink Your Milk
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 22: Remember To Drink Your Milk

Melissa was the daughter of the former Great Radiant Knight and current intelligence branch section chief, Joseph.

She had inherited her mother's curly red hair. When her lustrous sleek hair was let down, Melissa looked like a beautiful mermaid, yet when it was tied up, she could look like a valiant knight.

As she was at home, Melissa was dressed very casually in a white lace blouse, a high-waisted blue skirt, black tights, and beige slippers. She was the image of an independent and vibrant young girl.

Due to her mother's early passing, she had stayed together with her father in this house at the upper city district's 1st Avenue.

Looking at their ages, Joseph was actually old enough to be Melissa's grandfather. But, when it came to knights that drew power from the aether and made it their own, age wasn't a real measure of anything.

This 16-year-old girl was an Abnormal-rank knight and a combat branch squad leader of Secret Rite Tower.

"Strange... Why is he reading a book?" Melissa mumbled as she scrutinized the book suspiciously. "I've never seen him read any books, not even when he was still a Great Radiant Knight."

Melissa's brows furrowed as she racked her brains. Joseph was frequently away because of his duty and Melissa practically stayed alone in this house. The few times she remembered her father reading was only when he was forced to.

The recent labor law announcement was one such example. At that time, Joseph had spent a lot of time studying various regulations in order to find some way that benefited him the most. Beyond that, Joseph didn't even bother reading anything.

Filled with curiosity, Melissa glanced at the book in her hands titled Seed Of The Abyss and flipped it open.

Her finger skimming through the book gradually slowed and the look in her eyes changed as she got increasingly immersed within it.

"God damn it, stop disturbing me! I may be a cripple, but that bookstore owner didn't have a single bit of aetheric traces on him, yet he made me lose consciousness. Doesn't that tell you all the sort of power he possesses? All I can say is, just maintain a degree of respect and don't go courting disaster. In any case, I won't be the one going to save your sorry asses!"

Joseph's voice got closer and there was even the sound of a wall being kicked mixed in.

Melissa looked up suddenly, freeing herself from that ancient and enthralling world that had drawn her in. It felt as if her soul had been drawn out and returned back into her body.

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