Chapter 17: Butcher In The Rainy Night
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 17: Butcher In The Rainy Night

Lin Jie remembered he had a spare foldable deckchair in his basement. It was narrow and not suitable for prolonged periods of sleep but it could be used for a short rest.

Lin Jie immediately went downstairs to bring the deckchair up. He had a habit of cleaning his basement every once in a while so the deckchair wasn’t dirty and he could use it right away.

“I knew he would be heavy, but I never expected him to be this heavy…” Lin Jie muttered, realizing his mistake after failing three attempts to lift up Joseph by his armpits. “He’s like a two meter tall grizzly bear covered completely in muscles!”

The difference in height hadn’t been that obvious when Lin Jie was seated on his high stool at the counter while Joseph remained standing. But now, Lin Jie really felt as if he was grappling with a large beast.

Joseph was at least two meters tall and had a body that was thoroughly encased in rippled muscles. Those fists of his were the size of sandbags and Lin Jie was certain that a single punch from them could pulverize a person’s head.

He has such a terrifying physique even though his hair has already turned white. Shouldn’t an ordinary elderly person be frail and skinny like… Old Wil? Lin Jie wondered as he watched Joseph lying motionlessly on the ground.

What do I do? I can’t just leave him there! If a customer comes in, I can probably try asking for help to move him together. But how could there be any other customers in this horrendous weather?

“Haa... Nevermind. I’m really very sorry but I’m left with no choice. I hope you can forgive me.” Lin Jie apologized sincerely.

Next, he reached out and grabbed the scruff of Joseph’s suit, huffing and puffing as he slowly dragged the heavy body up and onto the deckchair.


Joseph’s right arm fell on the deckchair’s armrest, creating a loud metallic crash.

Lin Jie was startled and immediately glanced over at Joseph’s bare right wrist.

A silver metallic luster was especially prominent under the warm lights. Detailed scale-like markings were uniquely aesthetic, displaying t

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