Chapter 18: No Other Choice
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 18: No Other Choice

“Damn it! God damn it! How could it be?!”

Human expressions of shock and fear appeared on the black cat’s face as it ran through the pouring rain.

After running for a long time, the exhausted black cat suddenly tripped and tumbled a small distance. However it got up again and continued running several more steps before darting into a small alley to hide.

“Haa haa… Haa haa…”

The black cat shook off water droplets on its fur before cautiously survey its surroundings and heaving a sigh of relief when it didn’t see anyone around.

The black cat went limp and sat its butt on the ground.

“Transformation Technique - Dispel!”

Its breathing gradually calmed down as it opened its mouth, giving rise to the slight shrill voice of a youth going through puberty.

A slight aetheric disturbance made the black cat’s body enlarge and turn into a youth around the age of sixteen.

Morrison Greg, a brown-haired boy with a face full of freckles, capable of turning into a cat.

Morrison was an investigation staff at Secret Rite Tower’s intelligence branch, currently one year into the job. Although he was still rather young, Greg had exceptional talent in transformation and thus had the qualifications to undergo individual missions.

However, the circumstances were different this time round.

This was a lull period for Greg and he hadn’t taken up any assignments. However, he heard that the former Great Radiant Knight Joseph had gone alone to investigate and didn’t allow other staff to tag along due to the threat of Wilde.

As a youth who had joined the intelligence branch because he idolized Joseph, Greg was well-versed in the past history between the Great Radiant Knight Joseph and black magician Wilde.

Due to curiosity and worry for his idol, Greg had cautiously tailed Joseph to this bookstore.

Naturally, he had fully utilized his special ability and kept a very safe distance. There was absolutely no way he would let himself be exposed.

That was until a few moments ago.

After waiting outside the bookstore for approximately ten minutes, Greg de

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