Chapter 9 - God is Hope! God is Faith!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 9 - God is Hope! God is Faith!

‘And then? How do I mobilize the divine power within the godhood, little wit?’

As a person who hadn’t even killed a chicken before, Louie was originally more of the cowardly sort than a hotblooded warrior, but perhaps it was his new dragon instincts that changed him. He had awakened a vague thirst for blood-fueled conflict and massacres. And so he waited for the intelligent brain’s response with some eagerness.

[Host need only visualize the godhood in his soul. Imagine mobilizing the godhood inside, and you should be able to use the power of the gods…… probably……]


Louie took note of the intelligent brain’s hesitation.

[My deepest apologies, Host. Due to the unique nature of the principles governing San Soliel, the Terran Civilization could not fully understand the entities known as Gods. The God Creation Project was only a theoretical possibility, but was never empirically confirmed.]

‘F***, you retard! Just be clear about it. I’m simply an experimental rat.’

Louie was furious. He opened his mouth slightly and spewed out a breath of flames. At this Sisna once more stood at alert in front of her queen, fearful of the dragon she could not understand, but which her queen venerated.

Louie’s pupils once again scanned his surroundings. He now had no choice but to push himself to do something that was beyond his ability. The contract had already been signed. The elven queen in front of him had already granted him the coordinates to descend into this world. Thus, he also had to fulfill his end of the bargain by winning her war for her.

Louie sighed inwardly and closed his eyes in contemplation. He began to try imagining the godhood crystal that he had seen earlier.

Within his mind appeared a string of mathematical models - representations of the shapeless crystal godhood within him. After hesitating slightly, Louie directly injected his consciousness into it.


Louie’s brain shook as a loud bang resounded. His soul was almost shaken and split apart, but the godhood within him forcibly bound it together.

His consciousness seemed to travel through the ages, and he glimpsed at the ancient image of an indescribably great and mighty dragon. It soared among the stars with five heads, each shining with a different color, and followed by countless primordial dragons. The dragons flew through the stars, striking fear and submission into the hearts of countless creatures in innumerable realms. Wherever they passed, all creatures would bow to them.

It created the great species of dragons, born and located at the top of the food chain. From the races that walked the earth to the angels in heaven and even the demons that skulked in the abyss - all beings respected the glory of dragons.

Louie knew that this terrifying dragon, whose body was as huge as a continent, was the former master of this godhood, the Five-colored Dragon God!

The spectacular creature suddenly looked back mid-flight before staring at Louie square in the eyes. In that instant, the image collapsed. The Dragon G

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