Chapter 10 - When I Dream, The World Trembles!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 10 - When I Dream, The World Trembles!


The legion commander of the Holy Iris Knights, Abir roared out loud with a voice carrying his ‘qi’. The thunderous sound rang throughout the entire battlefield.


Along with the muffled bugle horn’s long sound, the 30,000-strong army clamored and rapidly entered their formations. In just a short amount of time, they had arranged themselves into multiple squares.

The front lines were filled with fully armored soldiers bearing huge shields. Behind them was the rest of the army - lightly, but properly equipped with standard leather armor, swords, and wooden shields. 

The clerics stood tense and ready to heal any incoming wounded soldiers.

Asides from them, there were also 30-40 mages gathered from different places. Other than one seven-ring mage, the rest were not high ranked. Despite that, however, they were all precious as each mage represented a significant investment of material and financial resources. In fact, among the 30,000 people in the legion, the 30 or so mages were the most important strategic unit.

When low-ranking mages gathered together and released simple but effective magic like fireballs, each shot would be able to cause more than a hundred casualties. After firing it several times in a row, the casualties could rise to 10,000-20,000 people.

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible to gather this many mages in a battle with a 30,000-man legion, but the Theocracy had deep pockets. Many mages signed up to participate in the invasion against non-humans primarily for the generous monetary rewards. Moreover, they coveted the chance to catch one or two beautiful elves that they could sell for a killing.

Usually, it was difficult to catch elves as slaves. The fear of retaliation meant it was a very risky endeavor, but war was different. Enslavement was the norm, and this operation was in fact led by the Theocracy so there was nothing to fear. 

It was with such self-centered motivations that the mages decided to partake in the battle. But it was far from the only motivation of the common soldier. 

Abir looked at the army he commanded. First, he nodded his head in satisfaction, before slowly shaking it. This legion was not the elite Holy Iris Knights, but a gathering of soldiers from various human kingdoms cobbled together.

They could not be considered as elite, but they were adequate.

At close to seventy years old Abir would ordinarily be regarded as an elderly man, but being a legendary rank warrior he was still in the prime of his life. With his lifespan, he was still tens of years away from becoming an old man.

He wore full-body chainmail with a white robe over it. The cloak of the robe was embroidered with a blood-red shield and a silver longsword. This was the emblem of the God of War, Marzalis, which he believed in.

Abir was not at all surprised by the war. Not only was it a fundamental part of the church’s doctrine but it has been going on for hundreds of years.

Although it was officially called a ‘war’, it was

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