Chapter 75 - The Legend of the Elven Princess and the Dragon King
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 75 - The Legend of the Elven Princess and the Dragon King

“Your Highness, Lord Caracolon…”

Sisna told the elven queen everything that happened in Dragon City. She even told her of the declaration that Louie informed Marches to make on his behalf.

“Up to 200,000 tons of refined wheat?!”

Although the elven queen’s face was covered in perpetual fog, Sisna could also guess that her queen was very astonished.

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“That’s 200,000 tons of refined wheat! Even if all the human kingdoms banded together, they would not be able to produce that much. If he can freely let his citizens enjoy such grains and gift them to us in such large quantities, then perhaps it’s not that he doesn't know their value, but that he can easily obtain as much as he wants.”

“Can we obtain more of it? Where did lord Caracolon get it?” Sisna asked in shock.

“Perhaps he found a realm that can produce food in abundance…”

“No, that shouldn’t be. If there really was such a realm, then why don’t others know about it?”

Sisna stammered and asked. She had this kind of speculation before but felt that it was a bit illogical, so she did not dare make such a judgment.

If there really was a realm full of food, then the entire world would undergo a huge change.

“The sea of stars is so vast. Even the Gods cannot fully understand it. In addition to the famous realms, there are countless unknown realms that haven’t been discovered. Even those well-known ones haven’t been fully explored… Moreover, outside the Crystal Wall System, there are extraterrestrial organisms that exist. And those existences…”

As she continued, Carandia suddenly became silent, as if she finally noticed that she could not just blurt these words out and closed her mouth.

Although Sisna was still somewhat curious about the so-called Crystal Wall System, she knew that she should not ask since the queen had fallen silent.

“No matter what happens, whether Lord Caracolon found a realm that produced food or other reasons, as a demigod, no one can peer into his secrets, not even the Gods. If a demigod is unwilling, their secrets would forever remain a secret. But the strange items described by your words make the possibility of him finding an unknown realm very high. Moreover, that realm has a fairly developed civilization.”

After saying this, Carandia hesitated. This was because the main continent was already the center of the multiverse. The upper realm was where Gods were located, while the lower realm, known as Abyss, was where demons were located. Although civilization in the main continent seemed to be underdeveloped, it was in fact the most developed in accordance with the theory of civilization!

Under normal circumstances, there should be no other realm that was more developed than the main continent!

But Carandia would never imagine that Earth was not in their Crystal Wall System at all, but a different universe altogether. This world’s Gods did not have the ability to travel to another universe, and Louie didn’t rely on magic to do so.

Realizing that it was an unsolvable mystery, Carandia chose to stop thinking about it. As she had said, if a demigod wanted to hide a secret, even true Gods would not be able to find out. Their prestige was nothing to scoff at.

“As for Lord Caracolon transforming Dragon City into a trade center… It seems his political acumen is quite impressive. By doing so he can diffuse any hostility with the humans and beastmen and warn us not to try using him.”

Carandia laughed helplessly and sighed again.

“How could that be?”

Sisna whispered. She had always felt that the elves and the mighty dragon had a good relationship. If they didn’t then why would he give the elves so much food?

The elven queen gently patted Sisna’s shoulder and said in a warm voice, “Elves are too arrogant. Sisna, you are also quite arrogant. You respect Lord Caracolon’s power, but you don’t respect his identity as a dragon. You and many people still carry disdain within you and think that dragons don’t understand politics. You don’t even care about the favorite means used by humans.”

“Your Majesty, I…”

Sisna bowed her head deeply. A touch of shame flashed across her tough and stubborn yet pretty face.

“You need to exhibit the proper attitude, Sisna Susiril. Remember that your surname is the same as mine, which in the old Elvish language means ‘favorite of the moon’. Lady Silver Moon will always be watching you…”

She continued, “I raised you from childhood and treated you as my own daughter. You are now my other half and have not failed me. Four hundred years ago, you also stepped into the legendary rank. Although you are a ranger general, the elves have always treated you as their princess, and you cannot fail them.”

“Put down your arrogance. You have to treat Lord Caracolon as one of those conniving human politicians. You should also be careful of him and not be deceived by his flowery words. His wisdom is as deep as the abyss. He is not someone who would be impressed by words alone.”

Carandia’s words made Sisna feel ashamed. Her delicate pretty face reddened. The queen’s words made her realize that she had really thought of Lord Caracolon as an ordinary dragon, thought that the elves could easily influence his thoughts by just following the normal routine, and thought that they could easily turn him into their gatekeeper.

It seemed that she made things out to be too simple. In fact, the elves and the lord dragon were more like allies, providing assistance to each other. If one side lost their eligibility to be allies, then the relationship would change immediately.

“Lord Caracolon is also considered as an outlier among dragons. His political awareness reminds me of the queen of the Dragon Kingdom.”

Carandia shook her head slightly.

“The queen of the Dragon Kingdom? Isn’t that a human?”

Sisna asked in confusion.

This was the common knowledge of the main continent. The Dragon Kingdom signed a covenant with the dragon race. The dragon became the protectors and nominal owners of the kingdom, while the royal family of the country only had the right to manage the humans and other races within the kingdom.

“This is one of the secrets of the main continent. Only a few people know that there is no such thing as a royal family in the Dragon Kingdom. From its establishment, the Dragon Kingdom has been ruled by a silver dragon known as the Mythril King. She is also an ancient dragon, and one of the few in their race that could be called a ‘Dragon King’. She has been ruling the kingdom as a human, and she serves as the queen of each generation!”

Sisna opened her mouth wide. She did not expect that there was such a secret in the far northeast Dragon Kingdom.

These dragons were really outliers. One of them actually learned to be the ruler of a kingdom for thousands of years and actually governed it well!

Carandia chuckled at Sisna’s surprised astonishment and said, “Go check the storage for the food, Sisna… This food is important to us elves. Let some of the people bring a portion to the human kingdom and replace them with more common wheat.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Sisna respectfully saluted and left the royal palace.

When Sisna went away, Carandia sat down on her wooden throne woven with rattan wood and picked up a strange bag on the table. Inside it was the bread filled with chocolate sauce that Sisna had gotten from Louie.

The queen’s jade-like fingers easily tore open the bag and tore a piece of the bread. She gazed down at the brownish-black chocolate sauce and brought it to her lips.

Only after a long time did she let out what seemed to be a moving sigh, “... Thirty thousand years. It’s already been thirty thousand years since I’ve enjoyed such delicious food.”

Behind Carandia, a silver moon rose. At the center of the silver moon, what seemed like a faraway kingdom could be seen.

“Thirty thousand years, and you are also about to open your eyes……”

TL Note: Crystal Wall System is like the Solar System. You get the idea. The ‘you’ in the last sentence is plural.

Translator Notes

Crystal Wall System is something like the Solar System. You get the idea. The ‘you’ in the last sentence is plural.

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