Chapter 74 - Bricklaying Is The Most Sought-after Job!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 74 - Bricklaying Is The Most Sought-after Job!

Thousands of hippogryphs soared through the sky, the flap of their wings kicking up strong winds in their wake. Beneath them, horse-like beasts of burden dragged carriages laden with rations to the forest. As they neared the woods, the trees seemed to part slightly, as though making a pathway for them.

After the caravan passed by, the trees moved back into their original positions, closing the path and erecting a barrier for the Silver Moon Kingdom

The Silver Moon Kingdom had about a million elves, and practically no elves on the main continent lived outside its fold. It was as large as the largest human empire.

These treant protectors had been guarding the front lines of the Silver Moon Kingdom for thousands of years. With their forest network, they could create the most suitable environment for elves to fight in. Even if tens of thousands of troops were to invade, the labyrinth they built would cull them in droves.

In addition to the huge magic barrier that protected the elven city for thousands of years, the queen of the elves was also a demigod. Even if other demigods were to invade, they would only be able to take a single step forward before falling into danger.

The current state of affairs took millennia of effort given their birth rate challenges.

After entering the Silver Moon Kingdom’s borders, Sisna saw a bird fly through the fragrant air. Before her lay a dense network of tree branches that hoisted greenwood houses.

Palm-sized fairies flew among the flowers. Fauns looked curiously at the large contingent of elves without saying a word and rushed towards the center of the kingdom. On top of the tall trees in the distance, a group of druids who had transformed into moonkins bowed towards Sisna and then continued to inspect the magical barriers of the kingdom.

The sprites and dryads seemed to be startled. They timidly looked at the happy expressions on the elves driving the carriage.

The Silver Moon Kingdom was not only the land of the elves but also a gathering of many races that loved nature and freedom.

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