Chapter 76 - Elf Candy
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 76 - Elf Candy

Dragon City, The Dragon’s Nest---

Louie lay in the center of a blooming garden, enjoying the warm sunlight.

A dozen beautiful elven maids were diligently tending to his needs. Some sprayed his scales with sparkling water and rubbed them with soft cloths. Others stayed by his mouth and cleaned his teeth with large brushes.

At present, he was focusing on a small book in front of him.

This was a book of spells that Marches had lent him. Within it were the details of spellcasting, from the level of parlor tricks to 6th rank magic. After learning of its convenience on Earth, Louie was determined to raise his skill. It would make fooling Earthlings a lot easier in the future.

However, magic was really obscure and difficult to understand. Learning magic from scratch made Louie feel a headache. It wasn’t difficult for him to learn spells from the 1st rank to the 3rd rank. By virtue, dragons had a high affinity for magic and learned quickly. But starting from the 4th rank spells, there were many requirements to cast them. They were so complex that Louie felt like he was looking at advanced mathematics.

He now realized why there were so few mages in this world. This was not something normal humans could learn!

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“Forget it. I shouldn’t be too anxious, Let’s take this slowly.”

Louie shook his head and was not too worried about the situation.

Magic was only a stop-gap measure in the end. If he really wanted to become stronger, he needed to find the energy sources on Earth and bring them back to San Soliel so that he could evolve. His road to greater strength was not that difficult.

But convincing the people of Earth to believe in the supernatural would greatly help him find the energy sources. This was why learning magic became fairly important.

“This is so troublesome. It’s like I’ve become a student again.”

Louie had found three paths that he had to progress along at the same time. The first path was to find the energy sources on Earth. As long as he brought them back to San Soliel, he could quickly reach his perfect form and gain the divine power of the Gods. He wouldn’t even need to fear Earth’s military anymore.

The second path was to master a divine domain, understand the secrets of the Gods, and use faith to make himself a God of this world. As long as he could become a God, then he could stand on the same stage as them. At that time, with the power of a God combined with the power of his evolution, he wouldn’t need to fear them.

As long as he reached the ends of these two roads, he would become the strongest on Earth and in San Soliel. As for what happened after, there was no point in making predictions.

Finally, Louie needed to master the power of magic. It was, after all, more convenient than divine power.

The path to becoming a God was not really restricted to learning spells. Gods and job-holders are two entirely different systems. Some Gods may be warriors, thieves, or rangers by profession. Not all Gods were mages and could use magic.


“Unless I obtain a divine authority related to magic… It doesn’t have to be a full authority. Even a small fragment would help me learn spells.”

Louie felt a headache. Wanting to obtain a specific divine authority was too hard, but not impossible.

For example, the godhood inside his soul was from the Dragon God. The godhood had already lost the concept of domain formerly held by the Dragon God, but if Louie used it well, he might be able to perform many miracles.

“I should find some time to test the godhood. I should also learn how to use my treasures. There isn’t much divine power remaining in the godhood, but it is still very useful. If my own guess about the Gods is correct, then I might be able to quickly learn magic.”

Louie pondered.

These past few days, Louie had been able to feel the beliefs of the residents of the city. He had not created his own religion, but the people of the city had already taken the initiative to pray to him. Although these beliefs were not as firm as general faith, with a bit more guidance, he could cultivate them into true believers.

This was the power of the sugar-coated shells of capitalism, and his intended method from the beginning.

It was a pity that he was a dragon with just a godhood, but not a real God, so he couldn’t efficiently convert the faith into divine power. The road to becoming a God was already difficult. Countless blessed children in this world used up to thousands of years, yet were unable to succeed. Those that had tried to reach the Gods were countless. Louie already had the godhood of one of the former highest Gods. His path to becoming a God was already a lot easier compared to normal people.

After learning for an entire afternoon, he felt quite tired and looked to the side.

The elven noble maiden standing at the side blushed. In an instant, she knew what Louie was intending to do.

With an embarrassed face, she lowered her head and lightly pinched her clothes. Her heart thumped loudly and complained in her heart that her lord was always bullying her.

But in the recent period of time, Louie’s teaching already made her able to endure it. Two other maids quickly poured some kind of juice that was a mix of honey and herbs on her body.

The honey and herbs were the specialties of the elves. For the human nobility, these were luxury goods that elves used to exchange with the humans.

It didn’t take long for the elf’s body to be coated with honey and herbs, emitting a sweet fragrance, as if she was a human-shaped candy.

This was the dragon’s afternoon dessert.

Louie felt that being a lord of a city in another world was truly great, especially in one as racially colorful as this world!

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