Chapter 656 - Seoul Underground
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 656 - Seoul Underground

"Without me having to explain it, you've all seen the situation in Seoul."

In Seoul's Dobong-gu, several drilling machines had just retracted their drill heads, revealing a large hole with a diameter of three meters. The cave extended several tens of meters deep, connecting to a dark corridor.

After the South Korean government learned about the existence of a monster underground, they made great efforts to hunt it down. Compared to the ghouls and Byakhee roaming the surface and sky of Seoul, the Burrower Beneath, which could potentially cause a major crisis in Seoul, was obviously more dangerous.

Under the South Korean government's strenuous efforts, it didn't take long to detect a complex network of underground passages beneath Seoul. These passages exhibited obvious signs of being non-natural, clearly dug out by some creature. However, the subterranean passages in Seoul were too complex for the South Korean government to fully understand, so they could only dig a road on the surface to connect to these passages, allowing the military to enter and eliminate the monster.

Outside the cave entrance, an elite force had assembled, fully armed, while the commander was delivering a final speech.

"In this underground area, there lurks a terrifying monster capable of causing earthquakes. This is a monster capable of destroying Seoul, and the safety of all Seoul citizens is in your hands. I know this mission may be dangerous, but for the Republic of Korea, for the people who believe in us, and for the millions of people in this land, we must enter with the determination to sacrifice ourselves if necessary. I will also join you in this mission!"

"Tell me, are you afraid of sacrifice?!"


"Tell me, do you have confidence?!"


"Tell me, what are we?!"

"The descendants of the sun!!"

The soldiers stood tall, shouting hoarsely.

Regardless of how South Korea as a country was, irrespective of how its people were, and regardless of how the class structure and exploitation were entrenched in the country, as a re

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