Chapter 641 - Original Buddhism
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 641 - Original Buddhism

The sudden voice left all onlookers stunned. Its uniquely ethnic character brought impressions of a distinct Asiatic origin.

The old man wore a light yellow coarse cloth robe that looked like it had been casually thrown on. The little hair left on his head was cropped closely to his scalp, and his overall appearance was peculiar. At first glance, he seemed to have pointed ears and a monkey-like face. However, upon closer inspection, his features were strangely appealing, exuding a gentle aura.

He was a monk, but different from the monks in China and Japan, bearing the distinct colors of Southeast Asia.

"Tan Yue, after all these years, your temperament remains impetuous. You seemed to lack comprehension of impurity, suffering, emptiness, and the elimination of ego. Unable to break free from attachment, you had not entered the state of ultimate tranquility. It is regrettable."

The monk spoke, not using the typical ‘Amitabha’ commonly heard from Chinese monks. Despite his appearance of mocking the elderly Chinese man, his words sounded more like counsel, bringing a refreshing and trustworthy vibe.

While Buddhist monks were often portrayed as antagonists in various works of fiction, in reality, especially with Buddhism's transformation in countries like China, the religion was known for promoting kindness.

True enlightened monks, if not hypocritical frauds, deserved respect.

This monk seemed to be a genuinely enlightened one.

Upon hearing the monk's words, the elderly Chinese man responded in a dumbfounded manner, "Maha, there’s no need to speak of these things with me. I am neither a Taoist nor a monk. I am just a mere practitioner. I don’t follow your path, so there is no need to advise me."

Maha, the monk, didn't show any irritation. Instead, he nodded and said, "Tan Yue, you indeed have your thoughts and your path. I have overstepped."

The monk's words surprised everyone. Monks were expected to showcase miraculous abilities and preach the teachings, converting people to Buddhism. However, this monk seemed

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