Chapter 640 - Clash of Cultures
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 640 - Clash of Cultures

The figure leisurely walking through the air attracted the attention of countless people. The various reporters bearing cameras were momentarily stunned. Then, they excitedly turned their camera lenses to the old man in the sky and clicked the shutters like mad.

No one expected that, in this crowded airport, welcoming the earthly angel from the Vatican, the old immortal who had previously displayed his power in Tokyo and summoned the shadow of the Torch Dragon and had even performed the Fengshan ceremony on Mt.Tai to welcome the Supreme God Taiyi.

After the initial shock, the high-level officials in the Chinese government were overwhelmed with joy.

Honestly, despite China's current strength, facing the angelic nun from the Vatican still made them uneasy. Just look at how even the invincible United States had been embarrassed by supernatural beings. Compared to the U.S., which focused on economic development, there was still a gap between China and the U.S. When confronted by an angelic being resembling Superman, the country's leaders naturally felt concern and fear as mere mortals.

However, things were different now. This elderly immortal, who should have been residing quietly in Huangshan, unexpectedly came to the capital. Even though the Chinese government couldn't command him, and could only treat him with respect, this old man had lived for over five hundred years and was a forefather of the country's civilization. It was unlikely he would allow these descendants to be bullied by external forces.

Thinking this, the high-level officials who welcomed the other party straightened their backs. They no longer acted cautiously and quickly realized the advantage of having a powerful figure as support.

The Pope from the Vatican and Sister Mirda were also somewhat dumbfounded. Although Sister Mirda expected to meet this old man when she came here, she didn't anticipate seeing him right after disembarking the plane.

While the Vatican Pope and the nun were still in a daze, the old man had already descended step by

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