Chapter 639 - Descending From The Sky
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 639 - Descending From The Sky

"Hurry up, raise the speed and get all the equipment on board!"

"Double-check the equipment; we are going to broadcast live to the entire nation!"

"This live broadcast must be flawless. Remember the coverage when the Valkyrie appeared in Stockholm, Sweden? This time, we must match that level and even do better."

"Equipment check completed? Good, then let's depart!"

At the national television station of China, the station manager personally conducted equipment checks. After finishing these, he, along with the staff and vehicles, headed to the airport.

"Station Manager, although the pope’s visit is significant, is it necessary to make such a big fuss?"

In the vehicle, a senior journalist, relying on good relations with the station manager, dared to speak up.

Others also listened attentively, wondering why such extensive preparations were required this time.

Not long ago, the Vatican City's Catholic Pope had sent a request to the Chinese government for an official visit, which was accepted. This news quickly became a hot topic, drawing the attention and discussion of many netizens.

This visit marked the first time a Catholic Pope had visited China in the seventy years since its establishment. Although the Pope had visited many countries in Asia before, he had never set foot in China.

As the dominant faith in Western society, the Chinese government attached great importance to the visit of the Catholic Pope. Especially in this era of mythical beings appearing on Earth, the Pope's visit was not just a matter of politics, ideology, and religion but also involved theology and the supernatural.

As one of the few sovereign nations confirmed to have extraordinary powers stationed within, the entire Christian community was under the watchful eye of governments worldwide. Everyone feared that Christianity might once again seek divine authority, leading to chaos.

Fortunately, with the liberation of modern human thought, even Christianity no longer harbored such notions from the medieval era. Countries coexisted peac

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