Chapter 512 - Ancient Goddess' Wisdom (II)
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 512 - Ancient Goddess' Wisdom (II)

Shae laughed delicately, then she raised her eyebrows. Her silent and void-like eyes teased, “Perhaps Lord God has fallen for me and wants to keep me in your divine system forever?”

“No god could make the Lady of Darkness their own subordinate god, and no god dares to let the Lady of Darkness spend too much time in their own divine system.”

Louie said with deep meaning.

There could only be one high-tier god in a divine system, otherwise, the divine system would not be able to take the load and be torn apart. The relationship between two high-tier gods was only that of allies and there could never be a master-servant relationship.

Moreover, even if Shae was not a high-tier god, the gods would not dare accept her for her past offenses. Many gods had fallen in her hands but she would remain arrogant and proud.

If Louie did not have a lot of cards to play with, he would definitely not dare let Shae stay in his divine system for a long time.

‘No god could make Your Highness into their subordinate, but that is only for the current gods… Once I become the god of gods, perhaps even Your Highness would begin flattering me.’

Louie already fantasized about that day.

Gods were pragmatic existences. Although they possessed dignity, they were also the fastest to put down that dignity. Immortal gods were most fearful of falling unless they were old and had no desire to live like the previous Chauntea.

“This time, I will help you as the Kobold God. No matter what is said, for a subordinate god to not help their master would make the other gods suspicious.”

Shae continued the main topic, “But you should not put too much hope on me. The most I can show in front of the world is my racial divine authority. This divine authority is not that great in battle, so I don’t know how much I could help nor can I guarantee anything.”

“I thought I could spend this difficult time quietly in your divine system, but I did not expect that I would need to use this ugly appearance to go to battle.”

Shae said with some

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