Chapter 513 - Priests of the Dragon God
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 513 - Priests of the Dragon God

In Dragon City, in the deepest sanctuary of the Dragon God’s Great Temple, Pope Clooney of the Dragon God’s church and the church’s upper echelons were kneeling on the ground, devoutly reciting the words of prayer.

“My Lord Louie Galakrond, you are the God who was and is everlasting!”


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“My Lord Louie Galakrond, you are the only true Dragon God…”


As the prayers ranged from low to high, the statue of the Dragon God and the divine emblem in the sanctuary began to emit divine light.

The believers present revealed sincere devotion and some even had tears streaming down their faces.

“We are all Your sheep grazing on the earth. Glory to You, victory to You, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”


At the end of the prayer, the senior believers of the church opened their eyes. They looked at each other with joy, and the joy that radiated from the bottom of their hearts almost turned physical.

This was a world with true gods. Every church could gain a high status not by virtue of political power, but by virtue of faith.

For the Church, those who could climb from the smallest position of priest to the position of bishop were absolutely fanatical believers. What was most important for the promotion of people was faith followed by ability.

Therefore, a true god would consider those fanatical believers who also possessed talents as treasures.

The bishops of the church exuded exuberant emotions. Each one whispered congratulations to the other as if their god’s promotion was more joyful to them than the benefits they had received.

“His Highness has reached mid-tier divine power, and the dragons have finally placed their faith in His Majesty.”

Clooney, who already had white temples, spoke in a slow voice. Although his voice was small and contained no power, all the clergy below him listened attentively.

This was the prestige Clooney possessed over the past twenty years. He had de

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