Chapter 42 - America in Shock
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 42 - America in Shock

Inside the Pentagon, a certain room was in tumult.

“Remember the confidentiality agreement. If anyone dares utter a peep of this, I’ll have them court-martialed!”

The Secretary of Defense sat at the head of the table. He gazed at each and every one of the people in the room with an ice glare.

Hidden beneath his cold demeanor, however, was a profound unease. The corners of his eyebrows throbbed, and a thin layer of cold sweat covered his forehead. Perhaps if a mystic looked into his eyes they would see the confusion and concern that currently plagued him.

“Yes, sir!”

Every person in the room assented immediately. There were many faces, old and young, and each performed a respectful salute upon responding. The faces of the younger officials, however, were tinged with excitement.

In front of the table was a large screen. In modern warfare, soldiers granted critical tasks would often carry cameras along with themselves. These would record and broadcast the real-time events that transpired around them. Not long ago, Secretary Johnson had been called to witness the live broadcast of the expedition into the Amazon forest.

Shivering imperceptibly, he lowered his head once more and looked at the tablet in his hands. He replayed the events that he had seen over and over again. After watching that...thing... decimate the ground force and then proceed to demolish the aerial support, he didn’t quite know what to believe. Laughing bitterly he spoke, “This isn’t a movie, right? Someone, please tell me they’re pulling a prank.”

“Unfortunately sir, it’s exactly as you’ve seen.”

One of his men whispered to him.

“Then you tell me - what the hell is this monster? Why can it breathe fire, and what the hell was that weird thing it shot out of its mouth later?!”

“Sir, I believe that…… is a dragon……”

A younger subordinate replied with caution.

“Yeah I know, genius!! It’s a goddamn dragon. But why the hell is it here, on Earth, and not in some fairy tale?! Next thing you know we’ll be seeing unicorns...”

The secretary once again issued a q

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