Chapter 41 - Dominate Human!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 41 - Dominate Human!

Louie’s electromagnetic cannon had nothing to do with magic. Rather, it was a product of the Terran Civilization’s technology. After undergoing his genetic modification, Terran’s biotechnology had granted him this new ability.

Initially, he would only have had an organ for spitting out flames, but he had taken notice of the strange appendage after becoming a juvenile dragon. This organ could utilize the Lorentz effect to fire a hyper-accelerated metal shell at a target. In Earth terms, it was an advanced kinetic energy weapon.

Modern Earth technology could create railguns, but they were often impractical to use, and still existed at the research stage.

In Louie’s opinion, there were probably very few things that could withstand this new skill. Even aircraft carriers would likely take on water after a single shot.

If he estimated its strength under San Soliel’s power system, it would likely rank around the legendary level. Without significant preparation, even dragons would be torn to shreds.

To the Gods, it might not mean much, but to everyone under it was an absolute killer of an attack.

Setting aside any deities, if Earth and San Soliel were to declare war on one another, the Earth’s weapons would definitely be able to kill legendary rank powerhouses. That said, San Soliel’s psychic and soul magic would certainly leave significant casualties on the Earth’s side. Both civilizations seemed to have clear weaknesses.

Louie on the other hand was a unique existence that could combine both their strengths. He both possessed a working knowledge of Earth’s scientific principles and was capable of slinging powerful spells on a whim.

In the future, if he ever battled Gods, then his scientific knowledge would be a great advantage.

That said, at present, the rail gun wasn’t something he could spam as he pleased. It was powered by Louie’s own energy, and as a juvenile dragon, he could only fire off a few rounds before needing to recover. Each round cost a significant amount of his own bioenergy which could only be recuperated through r

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