Chapter 403 - Life and Hope
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 403 - Life and Hope

“Is this really magic?!!”

At the sight of this incredible event, Su Wei exclaimed in shock.

Her hands trembled as she held the letter and her eyes filled with incredulity and excitement.

Su Wei gulped, pacing anxiously back and forth in place. After a long time, she slapped her forehead and finally calmed down. She quickly opened the internet and began to search for a detailed map of the world to compare with the map in her hand, trying to find the location of the island.

Soon, Su Wei found that the map in the letter pointed to the Scottish sea. This result made her even more excited. After learning about the incident at Buckingham Palace, Su Wei gained a more detailed understanding of wizards. This was a group that originally came from the Celtic Culture of the druids, which was a traditional culture of Scotland, Wales, and other places.

Now, the location that this magic invitation pointed to happened to be the Scottish sea, which made it even more credible.

With this unbearable excitement, Su Wei continued to look for the island.

“It’s not there?!”

Su Wei exclaimed. She found that the island was not recorded on any map of the world. Even if she looked up more detailed maps of Scotland, the map was pointing to the sea and not an island.

“No, there must be magic that keeps away ordinary people and could not be discovered by them, so humans did not discover that an island actually existed here in the past.”

Su Wei gave herself an excuse to believe in the existence of magic. After all, didn’t the letter say that only those who believed in magic and possessed magical talent could its contents?

She gritted her teeth and quickly dialed her father.

“Dad, I want to go on a trip to Scotland!”

As a rich family, Su Wei often traveled around the world during vacation. Now that it was a holiday, she decided to use this chance to travel to Scotland.

As for the dangers, she ignored them all. If she did not have the courage to chase after magic, how could she become a wizard?

This was her imagination running wild.

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