Chapter 402 - Mysterious Letter of Invitation
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 402 - Mysterious Letter of Invitation

Su Wei was an ordinary college student in China, who took Japanese Language Studies with English as an elective.

An ‘ordinary college student’ was Su Wei’s own view of herself. In fact, other people did not see her as an ordinary college student at all. She looked sweet and beautiful with two shallow dimples. From junior high, many bold boys had confessed to her, but due to her strict family coupled with her focus on academics, she never had a boyfriend.

Su Wei had been a fan of Japanese anime since she was a child and cosplayed behind her parents’ back during high school. This was why she chose to major in Japanese Language in college. She even thought about studying in Japan as a graduate student.

Her family was considered well-off and wealthy. Although they were not real economic powerhouses, she was considered a rich girl, which was why she was not simple in the eyes of outsiders.

Search for the original.

Originally, she had already planned out her life, but due to the dramatic changes on Earth, her life’s trajectory had changed.

Not long ago, from the first supernatural event in the Amazon Jungle to the appearance of the giant dragon, everyone’s views changed radically.

The dragon that was proved to be the incarnation of Satan easily wiped out a team of American soldiers. There was the appearance of the terrifying monster suspected to be Cthulhu’s shadow in the Pacific Ocean, the deep ones that attacked Tokyo, the dragon that could bring out sunlight, and even Christ’s descent in Kenya and Somalia had all changed the world dynamics.

All these caused a huge impact on humanity’s trust in science. People even began to doubt whether the natural sciences they had learned since birth were all false. Perhaps Newton and Einstein had all discovered in their later years the limitations of science and that there were phenomena that could never be explained by physical knowledge, so they went to study theology to find god and magic to explain some things.

Newton’s study of theology had caused many people in the scientific community to laugh at him. It effectively became after-meal gossip, but perhaps Newton had been one step ahead of others. He had perceived the existence of supernatural forces which wasn’t necessarily chasing theology.

Some people even thought that Newton was simply studying theology in order to reach higher truths. That’s why the current government had even firmly requested to open his coffin to see if there was any knowledge related to the supernatural.

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