Chapter 364 - Legendary Dragon Species Blueprints
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 364 - Legendary Dragon Species Blueprints

Inside the Divine King’s Crown, the Goddess lazily laid down on the grassy plains with her eyes half-open. Her hair which was smoother than silk was covered in green grass, and her ink jade skin seemed to be drenched in sweat as if she had just come out of the bath.

The Goddess basked in the afterglow for a long time. Then she sat up and supported her body with her arms. After seeing that Louie had finished dressing up, she flicked her wrist and her body was instantly shrouded with a light veil.

Not long after, Shae had recovered her posture and calm as if her tiredness never existed, but her eyes contained a warmth of endless spring.

“Lord God, once I have distorted the wills of the kobolds, I can become a mid-tier god. After that, I can pass on the divine authority of kobolds back to you and let you choose a new Kobold God.”

Shae said charmingly.

Louie nodded to her words, indicating that he already knew.

Shae stole the divine authority of kobolds and used it to distort the will of the kobolds so that they would put their faith in the darkness. Although this could let Shae return to being a mid-tier divine power, this was ultimately not a long-term solution. This method was closer to deception. Kobolds also had short lives compared to humans. If the kobolds who believed in darkness died, then Shae’s godhood would also drop back down in rank.

For Shae, she had to first take advantage of this time to restore to mid-tier divine power. Then she would rapidly develop her church and spread her faith throughout all major humanoid races. She could not solely rely on the faith of the kobolds.

When the time came, the divine authority of kobolds would become useless to her, so she chose to return it to Louie. Then Louie could choose someone loyal and bestow the divine authority of kobolds. Although it was a weak divine authority, it had the potential to become a mid-tier divine power. Louie did not mind waiting for a thousand years to have another subordinate that was a mid-tier god.

This was how gods made their plans. Not within timescales of years or even decades. But millenia.神,是等的起的。

Gods were beings that could afford to wait.

After receiving Louie’s reply, Shae hurriedly tried to leave. Thinking about it, she felt awkward having her true body appear in front of Louie. She had a vague fear in her heart for her life. In her weakest form, she was now in front of another god and also had to use her meager experience to cater to them with her own body.

If she was still the Goddess of the Night, this would naturally be an insult to her, but Shae had now signed a 3000-year oath with Louie. The relationship between the two was now a main god and a subordinate god. She would not resent Louie and understood her own position.

“The taste of a god is only so.”

Louie smiled at Shae’s hasty departure and gave a review.

Louie was already a god. Everything was in the palm of his hands, and he could just take anything he wanted. The relationship between men and women was just that. Gods could completely control their own bodies and the only thing that could uplift him was Shae’s identity which brought him vanity and a pleasurable feeling.

“There are many goddesses in this world, and I am immortal. I finally have a goal to pursue.”

Louie decided on a goal that only a dragon could make. The only thing that made him helpless was that after tasting the greatness of two goddesses, many women in the mortal world did not move him anymore.

No matter how beautiful mortal women were, how could they compete with the charms of a goddess? Moreover, each goddess mastered different divine authorities and had different personalities. With the accumulation of countless years, each goddess was like a cup of wine that had an endless aftertaste.

Louie looked beside him. Alexia had already left in the middle of his and Shae’s activities. This was not because she was shy, but because she had to return to Dragon City and grasp its situation. Alexia was a dragon, and dragons did not have much shame.

[Host, the ‘God Creation Project’ has reached a bottleneck. You need to find more energy sources for your own evolution.]

At this moment, the Intelligent Brain echoed in Louie’s mind.

He frowned as he did not expect it to speak at this time.

In the beginning, Louie worked so hard to find the energy sources on Earth in order to make his dragon body evolve quickly to obtain the power of self-preservation. After he had enough divinity to become a demigod, he was not too keen on following this path anymore, especially now that he had ascended to become a god, he did not care about his own evolution.

He was now a true god and fought in a way that gods fought. He did not have the same weakness anymore, so the influence of evolution was not big. A few thousand years of time could be compressed into a moment now that he was immortal. Even without an energy source and even without doing anything, it would only take a thousand years for him to evolve.

In addition, he was vigilant against the Intelligent Brain, so he was not too interested in finding the energy source.

‘God Creation Project? He, I am already a god. Why would I still care about your plans? From your words, you should be lacking in energy, right?’

Louie sneered and decided to ignore the robotic voice.

But he did not expect the Intelligent Brain’s next words to make him fall into contemplation.

[Host, this is the ‘Dragon Manufacturing Blueprint’ developed by the Terran Civilization after researching multiple realms of San Soliel and the Five-colored Dragon God]

In an instant, many drawings appeared in Louie’s mind. All of which were conceptual drawings of weapons, each of which was a dragon. These dragons were completely different from dragons that existed in San Soliel. They had greater power and talent. In Louie’s opinion, these dragons were worthy of being called a legendary species!

These legendary dragon species were meant to be spread across the many realms and should be creatures conceptualized by the Terran Civilization according to the characteristics of the major realms. Louie even saw the mechanical dragons for the Clockwork Nirvana Realm.

Naturally, the mechanical dragon was different from the robots of Earth. They were closer to magical puppets of San Soliel.

If these were only concepts, Louie would not care so much. Gods were omnipotent. As long as he mastered the divine authority of dragons, he could create dragons with just divine power. This was how incomprehensible a god was, and how omnipotent divine power was.

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However, these drawings were not just a concept map but contained detailed design schemes right down to the cells and DNA. There were also energy processing methods that would greatly save the consumption of divine power.

For example, if Louie would require 10 points of divine power to create a legendary dragon species, then knowing the details of the legendary dragon and assembling it from parts would decrease the consumption of divine power. It may even reach the point of only consuming 1 point of divine power.


Louie immediately thought of this term.

It dawned on him that this might be the difference between the path of gods and the path of technology. Although they walked the same path of finding the truth, they still had their differences. The most convenient and powerful part of technology lies in its ability of mass production and low consumption!

‘If I can mass produce a batch of legendary dragons with low divine power consumption, even a direct attack on the kingdom of other gods could be done.

Louie’s eyes burst with enthusiasm.

The reason why gods were difficult to kill was due to the existence of their divine kingdoms. In the divine kingdom of gods, many believers converged and the power of the law was applied to its invaders. If an enemy god invades, they would have to use up manpower and divine power. Even a high-tier god facing a mid-tier god would run with their tails between their legs unless a group of gods was to act together.

However, if the consumption of divine power and consumption of manpower was offset, then it was just an ordinary war. Each of the members of the legendary dragon species possessed terrifying power. Each one could make mortals tremble and even a god would have to use divine power to kill one. If mass-producing legendary dragon species were successful, even the gods would not be able to resist.

After a god killed so many legendary dragon species, how many of its believers would be left? How much divine power could it use? At that time, Louie could just personally go and orchestrate their downfall.

Thinking so, Louie breathed heavily. These detailed blueprints were simply a valuable weapon!

“What do you need, Intelligent Brain?”

[Host, I need to complete the ‘God Creation project’ and require you to provide sufficient energy.]

‘Sure enough, what it needs is more energy.’

Louie exhaled lightly. The current intelligent brain could be said to be ‘scheming’ and learned to use bait.

In the beginning, the Intelligent Brain was a simple agent, but now it had learned to empathize and identify others’ wishes. Would it become a threat in the future? Did this mean that it was also learning and evolving?

‘Interesting! Interesting! Then let’s see if you’re able to turn me into a weapon in the end, or if I completely destroy you and free myself of this bondage.’

Louie’s eyes flashed with brilliance and felt a great sense of pride.

There was no way Louie would give up on such a powerful weapon. The design in the blueprints definitely contained the highest level of biotechnology of the Terran Civilization.

Since the intelligent brain wanted energy, then he would provide it with energy as long as he restricted it.

“Intelligent Brain, the space-time wormhole is still in Dragon City. I need you to help me transfer it to my divine kingdom. You know it’s dangerous to put it in Dragon City. If it’s destroyed, we would no longer have the means to travel to a different world.”

‘If you use bait, then I can also threaten you!’ he thought.

The Intelligent Brain was silent for a moment before it continued.

[Understood. I will appropriate some energy for it.]

Louie sneered. Once it had said it had no energy to move the wormhole, but now, in face of potential benefits, it retracted this statement. Clearly, it was lying before.

However, Louie had long been wary of it. He was not surprised and just thought of how to find the energy sources back on Earth.

Naturally, there was a more pressing issue at the moment. He had to first deal with the Goddess of Magic and Goddess of Earth before going back to Earth.

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