Chapter 363 - Warmth of the Goddess of Night
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 363 - Warmth of the Goddess of Night

[Recording the process of sealing the gods…]

[Analysis of the relationship between divinity, divine authority, divine power, and godhood…]

[Breaking down characteristics of divine authority]

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Shae and Selune were born just after the Twin Snakes of Creation, but the Twin Snakes of Creation had no subjective consciousness and were more akin to fundamental principles. Selune and Shae, on the other hand, were the first to gain self-awareness.

In the ancient past, Selune and Shae possessed the four most important divine authorities of the world - light, sun, darkness, and moon. At that time they held absolute power and were the true embodiment of light and darkness and possessed the powers of ancient gods. After the rules of the world changed and faith in the gods was born, Selune and Shae still possessed divine power levels of 20.

However, the two goddesses were born enemies. After hundreds of thousands of years of conflict and struggle, Sleune had lost the divine authority of light and sun but stole the divine authority of the moon from Shae. This allowed Selune to be the incarnation of the Silver Moon.

On the other hand, Shae had lost the divine authority of the moon, which made her lose her peak power, causing her to decline to level 18. For an ancient god such as her, absorbing the divine authority of kobolds was a simple matter. She digested the divine authority at a speed that left even Louie in astonishment. After changing her identity, she accepted the faith of the kobolds and successfully ascended.

But the process in which Shae did things was too fast, as a result, she only received a little bit of faith. After forcefully ascending, her godhood was only level 1 and even had some instabilities.

That said, Shae was still full of joy. She had finally ascended even while being hunted down by the other gods. Now that she had succeeded, with her wisdom and talent, she would one day regain her seat as one of the powerful gods. Even if the gods were hostile to her, no one could touch her once that happens.

Shae knew that the premise of all this was that she needed to obtain shelter from Louie. Before she distorted the faith of the kobolds into ‘darkness’ and reached mid-tier divine power, she could not reveal her identity to anyone, and the only one who could protect her and cover her was Louie.

At the thought of this, the corner of Shae’s brows let out a seductive charm as she smiled while looking at Louie.

Louie was moved as he found that Shae’s temperament had changed slightly.

‘Because she’s temporarily lost her divine authority of darkness, she feels a bit more humane even if she is the essence of darkness itself.

Selune started as the God of Sun and Light. Her personality should originally have been passionate and surging, but after losing these two divine authorities in exchange for the divine authority of the Silver Moon, her temperament had turned cold. If not for her own nature which was the essence of light, she might have been even colder.

Shae was also the same. Because her main divine authority wasn’t darkness, her personality had changed a bit, making her not as serene and vain as before.

‘This is something I need to be careful about. I need to do some calculations on how my divine authorities can influence me.’

Thinking like this, Shae smiled at Louie and said, “Congratulations on regaining your godhood once more, Your Highness Shae, or should I say, Kobold God, Shae.”

At the end of the day, even Louie could not help but laugh out loud. Alexia, who stood quietly at his side, also lowered her head to hold her laughter.

Although the gods did not have a social distinction, there were distinctions in strength. The identity of a Kobold God was still funny to hear, especially when the once strongest Goddess of Darkness had taken this role.

Shae was also a bit embarrassed. Her delicate face reddened but she quickly returned to her calmness. For her, this was not a big deal. Being able to ascend once more was a good thing. So what if she was the Kobold God? This divine authority was capable of allowing her to return to mid-tier divine power and hiding her from the sight of other gods. Even the Kobold God was someone that far surpassed mortals.

Naturally, Louie knew this, but he still teased her for a bit, “Your Highness Shae, your current godhood is very unstable. During the small time frame that Kulthumak fell, he had already severed connection with his believers. You must find a way to hide from the eyes and ears of the gods.”

Louie reminded Shae. He believed that Shae had her own way to deal with the situation. In the Era of the Gods, Shae had assassinated many gods and then absorbed their faith without many people knowing. In terms of ‘acting’ ability, she was second to none.

Shae slightly inclined her head, “Kulthumak possesses four divine authorities - kobold, trap-making, mining, and war. I have already absorbed the divine authority of kobolds. How are we dividing the remaining three?”

Saying so, she raised her hand and opened her palm to show the remaining three divine authorities.

Louie thought for a moment and said, “Dragon City once kidnapped a group of dwarves in the San Soliel Mountain Range. These dwarves are now my believers. Even if it’s incomplete, the divine authority of mining is still slightly useful to me. I can stabilize the faith of the dwarves. You can have ‘trap-making’. As for ‘war’ just give up on it, that little fragment is not worth much at all.”

The majority of the divine authority of mining was in the hands of the Dwarf Gods, so Louie could use it to attract the faith of the dwarves.

The divine authority of trap-making was complete, but it wasn’t strong enough to create a god, because it was a divine authority that almost no one believed in. That was why the divine authority of kobolds was necessary to stabilize this divine authority.

As for the divine authority of war, it was less than 1 percent of the whole divine authority of war. Such a small percentage could not produce a divine domain as could be seen from the previous battle with Kulthumak.

Even now, the God of War was estimated to only have about 70% of the divine authority. The rest of the divine authority was motley with the beastmen gods while a small part spread was scattered to various gods. As a result, the God of War could only reach level 16 or 17. If the God of War had complete divine authority, he would have already reached level 20.

For such a small amount of divine authority that was completely useless, Louie did not want to make any new enemies.

“A fair split.”

Shae handed over the divine authority of mining to Louie and absorbed the divine authority of trap-making herself. While the divine authority of war disappeared by itself and returned to the origin of the world. As for who would take it, it would depend on fate.

For Louie, the divine authority of ‘dragon’ would probably allow him to reach level 17, while the other divine authorities would allow him to reach level 18 and perhaps 19.

But this was only an estimate that Louie set to make things simpler. Whether it was level 20 or level 16, there was not much qualitative difference. They were all-powerful.

His real power lay in his identity as a [Foreign God] and [Order]. As long as Louie could master the origin of order and become one with the Serpent of Order, then he would become one of the serpents of creation. According to his estimates, this was a level above 20 and could reach the level of a true ancient god and a god of gods.

Therefore, Louie was clear about how he would proceed from here on out.

Louie and Shae finished dividing the spoils, and everyone was satisfied. At the very least, Louie did not have to go find any more divinity unless he was going to become a high-tier god, so he had time to develop.

Now that the main things were done, Louie had some free time. He smiled and gazed at Shae’s beautiful body. Looking at her back that was hidden under the thin muslin, he made out her ink jade skin suffused and her flawless delicate features. This was the true body of Shae, which was the essence of the world’s darkness.

“Your Highness Shae, it is still early. Let me enjoy your deepest darkness before you go to establish your divine kingdom.”

Louie did not bother hiding his desires.

The Goddess of Night sighed and smiled, “Lord God is truly a dragon. Since you want it, then I’ll let you have the true Goddess of Night. In the past millions of years, you will be the first to enjoy the warmth of this goddess.”

Shae smiled seductively and her clothes landed on the ground. Her body without an inch of clothing walked forward with soft steps. She ignored the fact that Alexia was watching. The two gods had no human morals or ethics and under Alexia’s look of curiosity, with the sky as a curtain and the earth as a mat, two flames danced passionately.


In the dark night sky, a star suddenly rose up, shining brilliantly in the night sky. The gods sighed at the level that this god reached in just a few days of ascending. Because the gods had been paying attention to this star, no one noticed that a star had dulled and shook for a moment, but it immediately returned to its original color as if it was an illusion.

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