Chapter 362 - Completing the Dragon God System
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 362 - Completing the Dragon God System

Louie still had a large amount of divine power, which was the result of being able to gather faith from two worlds. In the world of San Soliel, more than 400,000 were his believers, and after becoming a true god, his rate of conversion had only risen.

But compared to the world of San Soliel, the source of faith from Earth was even more terrifying, especially after Louie became the present-day ‘Christ’. His source of faith grew at an astronomical rate. Even if the worlds were different and the faith was being filtered out by the Crystal Wall System, what was left was the best part. Hundreds of millions of units of pure faith entered the world of San Soliel and headed straight toward Louie. It would definitely make all the gods feel envy.

It must be known that in the world of San Soliel, the main source of faith, the people on the main continent, only had a population in the hundreds of millions. Even in the history of the gods, the most powerful had at most millions of true believers. No god has ever broken past this ceiling.

With faith from two worlds, Louie’s divine power could be optimized. Earth’s faith was not suitable for usage yet, so Louie could only use it as ‘fuel’ to deepen his understanding of the gods.

For example, Louie needed to be promoted to the next level.

In order for a god to level up their godhood, there were a few important requirements that had to be met. First, they needed to have sufficient divinity to support their godhood. To satisfy this requirement, Louie killed the God of Kobolds, Kulthumak, and obtained a large portion of his divinity. This was enough to support Louie till he reached mid-tier divine power.

Second, a god needed to have a sufficient number of believers that could support the level of their godhood. Louie’s number of believers was barely enough to support mid-tier divine power.

Third, a god needed a sufficient amount of divine authority. For this, Louie had not yet completely used the divine authority of dragons, but the divine authority of dreams that he treated a

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