Chapter 362 - Completing the Dragon God System
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 362 - Completing the Dragon God System

Louie still had a large amount of divine power, which was the result of being able to gather faith from two worlds. In the world of San Soliel, more than 400,000 were his believers, and after becoming a true god, his rate of conversion had only risen.

But compared to the world of San Soliel, the source of faith from Earth was even more terrifying, especially after Louie became the present-day ‘Christ’. His source of faith grew at an astronomical rate. Even if the worlds were different and the faith was being filtered out by the Crystal Wall System, what was left was the best part. Hundreds of millions of units of pure faith entered the world of San Soliel and headed straight toward Louie. It would definitely make all the gods feel envy.

It must be known that in the world of San Soliel, the main source of faith, the people on the main continent, only had a population in the hundreds of millions. Even in the history of the gods, the most powerful had at most millions of true believers. No god has ever broken past this ceiling.

With faith from two worlds, Louie’s divine power could be optimized. Earth’s faith was not suitable for usage yet, so Louie could only use it as ‘fuel’ to deepen his understanding of the gods.

For example, Louie needed to be promoted to the next level.

In order for a god to level up their godhood, there were a few important requirements that had to be met. First, they needed to have sufficient divinity to support their godhood. To satisfy this requirement, Louie killed the God of Kobolds, Kulthumak, and obtained a large portion of his divinity. This was enough to support Louie till he reached mid-tier divine power.

Second, a god needed to have a sufficient number of believers that could support the level of their godhood. Louie’s number of believers was barely enough to support mid-tier divine power.

Third, a god needed a sufficient amount of divine authority. For this, Louie had not yet completely used the divine authority of dragons, but the divine authority of dreams that he treated as a secondary divine authority was sufficient for him to reach mid-tier divine power. As it was a complete divine authority, he found it very useful at the moment.

And finally, a god needed to understand their godhood, which is also known as ‘perception. As long as gods had enough power, they could use comprehend the logic behind skills and divinity at faster rates.

Louie did not use San Soliel’s divine power because his believers were limited, making the world’s divine power much more precious. As a result, Louie used the excess divine power he gained from Earth and injected it into the godhood of the Dragon God in order to analyze its structure. With the influx of divine power, Louie was able to easily comprehend everything he needed.

After that, it was only a matter of time before all conditions were met. Louie had no difficulty increasing the level of his godhood. He would soon be able to reach a level 7 godhood.

It was also not impossible for Louie to continue increasing his level to a level 11 godhood, which was mid-tier, but the number of his believers could barely maintain this level. A slight change in numbers could cause him to fall back into a low-tier godhood. This was the problem with utilizing divine power. There was a number curve in a god’s true believers. Only by having a stable of numbers could the gods continue to level up.

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‘If I force myself to reach mid-tier divine power, I could indeed become the leader of the gods for a moment of time, but that wouldn’t have any meaning. It’s better to use this situation to stabilize my foundation.’

‘As a new god, I cannot become too dazzling and attract the attention of many gods. I have so many dangerous secrets that if any of them were known, I would become the target of the gods. Even my current state of leveling up would already catch a few god’s eyes. It’s better to do things a little bit more low-key.’

After making up his mind, Louie temporarily set his godhood to level 7. With a level 7 godhood, he could stabilize the situation without danger.

‘To further understand the structure of the godhood, I can increase the level of the ‘Foreign God’ godhood, but I won’t do this at the moment. The amount of time I became a god is too short, so I haven’t accumulated enough experience. Divine power should be used in more important places first.’

Louie thought so. He stopped leveling himself up. Now he was already a god with level 7 godhood. In the Era of the Gods, this was enough to be qualified as a fairly respectable god, and in the current era, it was enough to make him one of the strongest gods.

“Father God, did it work?”

Alexia’s starry eyes twinkled as she stared at Louie. When she saw Louie open his eyes, she asked with joy.

She could not perceive the difference in divine power, but she could only tell that Louie was mighty and powerful. For mortals, a true god was a true god no matter how strong their divine power was. And so it was difficult to gauge differences between them due to their sheer amount.

Louie smiled and nodded to his daughter. What he needed now was more time to comprehend more divine skills. Once he did so, his means of action would increase.

Then Louie looked at the place where the Kobold God fell and said playfully, “Your Highness Shae, if you still don’t make your move, Kulthumak’s divine authority will dissipate.”


A soft sigh echoed as the world seemed to be covered in darkness. In Alexia’s alertness, a jade hand extended out from the darkness. Although it was just a hand, it felt infinitely alluring and charming. Every finger and every inch of skin was dazzling as it emitted a dark and secretive beauty.

The jade hand that seemed to attract all life grabbed something in the air. The object that was grabbed seemed to exist but at the same time non-existent. And then, a black robe came out of the curtain followed by a figure that exuded ultimate tranquility. The bare feet under the skirt stepped on the grass with a dainty elegance. The quiet and delicate face revealed a trace of shame and anger in its eyes.

“Your Highness Shae, that was the best choice in that situation. My real body would have been injured and Alexia would probably have died from that blow. Only your projected avatar was the best means of sealing the explosion.”

Louie said courteously without any sense of guilt.

Shae was not truly angry. If their positions were reversed, Shae believed that even she would have made the same choice as Louie. What made her gloomy was the sensation of being used and plotted against when for so long she had been the user and plotter.

‘You really don’t know how to pity a lady.’

“Your choice at that time was very correct, Lord God.”

Shae was not an idiot. After being gloomy and angry for a while, she calmed down. In her hands was Kulthumak’s divine authority. She half-closed her eyes and let out a joyful smile.

“The divine authority that you wanted is already in your hands. With this, the contract is established!”

Louie opened his mouth and stated a part of the covenant.

“For the next three thousand years, I will serve you as your subordinate god, Your Highness Louie.”

The goddess of darkness lifted her skirt and gracefully cursed. Her appearance carried a mature charm with a hidden youthfulness inside. That contradictory feeling was very evocative. Perhaps this was the first time Shae used her body in the past hundreds of thousands of years.

That was right, what appeared in front of Louie was Shae’s true body!

At this moment, Louie felt an impulse to kill Shae to obtain her divinity and complex divine authority, but he immediately suppressed this idea. They had signed the River Styx Oath to not attack each other and plot the other party’s death. Their oath had been made very complex such that there were no possible loopholes that could be exploited. This way, they could truly trust each other for the next three thousand years.

“You should finally be at ease now, Lord God… isn’t this what you wanted to do?”

Shae said with a soft sigh, “You are about to obtain the complete Goddess of Night.”

Louie smiled and did not respond. His goal of forcing out Shae’s true body had been accomplished. This ancient goddess finally brought her true body out of inevitability.

Although Louie and the Goddess of Night’s projection had intercourse countless times, only doing it with the true body of a god was considered proper intercourse. In order to give birth to Alexia, Louie obtained the Silver Moon Goddess Selune. As a dragon, Louie also did not mind possessing Shae’s body. Perhaps in the entire history of San Soliel, he was the only one to be with the oldest two goddesses.

Naturally, it was impossible to have an heir with Shae as he was a true god and Shae would soon be as well. The probability of giving birth to a god was too high.

“Your Highness Shae, there is no time to lose. In order to prevent the gods from finding out where you are, you should absorb Kulthumak’s divine authority and ascend.”

Louie urged Shae.

This was one of Shae’s plans. She would use a different divine authority and gain enough followers. This would keep her low profile and evade the detection of other gods. For this purpose, the divine authority of kobolds was the best choice. The gods would instead feel that the God of Kobolds being together with the Dragon God was normal.

After Shae obtained enough believers and faith, turned the kobolds into believers of the Goddess of Night, and collected enough faith to reach mid-tier divine power, Shae could give up this divine authority and reincarnate as the Goddess of Night.

Mid-tier divine power was already enough for Shae to protect herself.

For Louie, this allowed him to establish and complete his Dragon God System!

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